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Discretionary Fund

If you are paying housing costs and are:

  • Named on a mortgage or tenancy agreement
  • Named on Council Tax at an address
  • Not in receipt of Housing Benefit.

You may be eligible to access the College's Discretionary Fund for a contribution towards your housing costs.

This award takes into account your parent's or partner's income.

Documents Required

It is vitally important that you provide the correct documents so you can be assessed for the correct award. 

To apply for funding, please provide the following documents:


  • Birth Certificate or Passport

Household Income:

  • P60s
  • Proof of benefits
  • Tax Credit award notice
  • Universal Credit award notice

Proof of housing costs:

  • Mortgage/ Tenancy Agreement
  • Council Tax notice
  • Proof of regular payments

Bank details:

  • Current account details