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To be eligible for Student Support Funds, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Ordinarily residence in Scotland
  • Ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom and Islands throughout the period of three years immediately before the start date of the course; and be one of the following:
    • Settled in the United Kingdom within the meaning given by section 33(2A) (Interpretation) of the Immigration Act; or
    • A person (who has not applied for refugee status) but has been informed in writing by a person acting under the authority  of the Secretary of State for the Home Department that is thought right to allow you to enter or remain in the United Kingdom and been granted leave to enter or remain accordingly which has not expired; or
    • The spouse, civil partner or child of a person described in the two preceding sub-paragraphs above.

Please note, holders of a student visa are not eligible for support. However, if you are a dependant of a holder of a student visa, and you meet the general residence conditionsm you may be eligible for support.

If you are not eligible for support under the general residence conditions, you may still be eligible to apply to us for support under one of the exceptions to the ordinary residence conditions.

Please contact Student Funding to discuss your own circumstances.