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Social Impact Pledge

The Scottish Government launched the Social Impact Pledge as part of its initiative to tackle inequalities and reform how public services deliver services, and to ensure that participation and empowerment are at the centre of everything the public sector does.

The Social Impact Pledge asks public sector organisations across Scotland, including colleges, to commit to increasing their social impact by making a public commitment to changing 3 aspects of their current operations or policies. The Pledge links into the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

Colleges have been asked to identify three commitments to improve their current engagement or policies which deliver benefits to their local communities.

These commitments should be different to what the College does currently or has done in the past or be a significant development to current activity in order to delivery greater benefits. The commitments should make a tangible impact on people and communities and should involve all areas of the College, including the Student Association. The commitments should be implemented within a year in order to allow the impacts to be felt in the short term.

The Pledge can be renewed annually, with at least one of the commitments being different from the previous year, thus ensuring the College continues to challenge itself to deliver more social value.

Glasgow Clyde College pledges to challenge ourselves to increase the positive impact we make on our local community and make better use of our assets - our buildings / grounds and our people.

Our pledges

In the next six months we will do at least three things that we don't do at the moment to improve our social impact.

  • Glasgow Clyde College will introduce a technology focussed recycling scheme aiming to improve digital inclusion - Gift-tech. Gift-tech will offer a practical solution to recycling as well as an opportunity to support identified learners who were facing hardship and who may be at risk of further social exclusion or dropping out of learning due to the lack of access to ICT equipment. The scheme will see the College refurbish its old ICT equipment by cleaning, wiping and refurbishing PCs and laptops to a workable state allowing them to be "gifted" to students or local community groups.
  • Glasgow Clyde College, in partnership with local, regional and national organisations, will host a minimum of three careers education events (one per campus) that will be open for attendance by schools, community groups and individuals.
  • Glasgow Clyde College will commit to offering local community groups, charities and social enterprises, the opportunity to use College facilities at a discounted rate. For those directly involved with our Community Learning and Development provision, access to the College's meeting facilities will be free of charge. The College will work with Glasgow Social Enterprise Network to promote this opportunity and support the implementation of their Social Enterprise Strategy and Action Plan.

The College's three pledges are showcased on the Communities Channel Scotland website which is the main portal for information about what the pledge is and how to get involved.