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Equality and Inclusion

Glasgow Clyde College is committed to providing an inclusive ethos and environment. We value and respect diversity while ensuring equality of opportunity for all in every aspect of our services. We acknowledge and welcome the support and involvement of present, past and potential students, staff and other stakeholders in our efforts to achieve this.

We will positively promote equality and inclusion for all. Our aim is to create a culture where everyone feels able to be themselves in an environment that is welcoming, comfortable and respectful.

Glasgow Clyde College is committed to ensuring opportunities are available to all students and staff irrespective of their age. Age will not be barrier to accessing employment rights and benefits, or entering on courses, except where this can be objectively justified.

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Glasgow Clyde College is committed to providing for the needs of people who are disabled. We will ensure that all reasonable adjustments are made to our provision on an individual and flexible basis. Individuals are actively encouraged to seek assistance and make their needs known.

The Equality Act 2010 defines a person with a disability as someone who has “a physical or mental impairment which has a long term and substantial adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.

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We value all our students, staff and visitors equally, regardless of their gender identity. We aim to create a work, and learning and teaching environment in which all students and staff, whatever their gender identity, feel equally welcome and valued.

Find our Guidance for Supporting Trans Students and Staff here.

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Glasgow Clyde College is committed to ensuring that staff policy, procedure and practices do not result in differential impact between those married and those in civil partnerships.

Furthermore, the College ensures any benefits given to married employees must also be offered to civil partners, including flexible working, statutory paternity pay, paternity and adoption leave, health insurance and survivor pensions.

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Glasgow Clyde College is committed to supporting the health, wellbeing and safety of women during their pregnancy, subsequent maternity leave/pay arrangements and return to work/study.

The College recognises the need for female employees to take time off for health and safety reasons and to prepare for the birth of a child. In addition to the health and safety provisions, the College will support her by providing maternity leave and pay.

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Glasgow Clyde College is committed to promoting racial equality and providing an environment free from any form of racial discrimination.

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Glasgow Clyde College celebrates and values the diversity of its students, staff and communities and aims to create an environment where the cultural, religious and non-religious or similar philosophical beliefs of all are respected.

Spiritual care

Each campus has a ‘multi-faith’ room. This is a quiet space for contemplation or prayer available to students of all faiths and none. You do not have to have a faith to use this area. Please ask your campus reception or Student Advice Team for details.

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Glasgow Clyde College is committed to gender equality and aims to eradicate sex discrimination in its work and learning and teaching environment.

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Glasgow Clyde College values all its students, staff and visitors equally, regardless of their sexual orientation. The College is currently working towards the LGBT Youth Charter to highlight our commitment to inclusion for all.

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Glasgow Clyde College has become a Third Party Reporting Centre for Hate Crimes after a group of staff recently undertook training with Police Scotland.

The third party reporting initiative allows, staff, students and members of the public to come into the College (any campus) and report a hate crime or hate incident.

Police Scotland website states:

 “In some cases victims/witnesses of Hate Crime do not feel comfortable reporting the matter directly to the Police and may be more comfortable reporting it to someone they are familiar with.

To ensure all victims/witnesses are able to report Hate Crimes, Police Scotland works in partnership with a wide variety of partners who perform the role of 3rd Party Reporting Centres. Staff within 3rd Party Reporting Centres have been trained to assist a victim or witness in submitting a report to the police and can make such a report on the victim/witnesses behalf.”

For more information, visit Police Scotland's website.

The College’s details will be added to the Police Scotland list of reporting centres within the next few weeks. Information leaflets have been ordered as well as Third Party Reporting Logo stickers which will be put up on the main entrances across the three campuses.

The staff (based across all campuses) who received the training and are able to help regarding any aspect of this are listed below:

  • Caroline Hutchison - Equality & Diversity Officer
  • Louise Reilly - Student Advisor
  • Angela Clocherty - GCCSA Vice President

If you require any further information regarding any aspect of equality and/or inclusion please contact:

Caroline Hutchison - Equality and Inclusion Officer
Tel: 0141 272 3639

Free Accredited Online Equality Training for Students

The College offers students free interactive training that covers the importance of equality and inclusion while at studying at college. This 20-minute module is available on the College's Virtual Learning Environment.

For more information on training, email:

Equality Advisory Service

The Equality Advisory Service advises and assists individuals on issues relating to equality and human rights, across England, Scotland and Wales. We can also accept referrals from organisations which, due to capacity or funding issues, are unable to provide 'in depth help and support' to local users of their services local users of their services.