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Procurement Information

Glasgow Clyde College is committed to promote the delivery of value for money through good procurement practice and optimal use of procurement collaboration opportunities and to support and implement where possible the College’s sustainability statement through the procurement function, and to comply with all relevant EU and UK legislation in all aspects of College purchasing.

Further, the College is

  • having a dedicated senior management champion responsible for delivering a plan for sustainable procurement for Glasgow Clyde College linked to the achievement levels as set out in the Flexible Framework.
  • committing to the Suppliers’ Charter.
  • considering the whole life cost of goods and services procured.
  • considering the environmental and social impact of goods and services in the tender process.
  • communicating and promoting sustainability to all employees and ensuring that it is included in the tender process where appropriate.
  • using the Public Contracts Scotland Advertising Portal for goods and services above £50,000.

Glasgow Clyde College is a member of Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC) Ltd which is the Procurement Centre of Expertise for 62 Universities and Colleges. APUC Ltd works collaboratively with universities and colleges in setting up contracts on behalf of the Higher and Further Education Sectors in Scotland. Glasgow Clyde College makes appropriate use of these contracts. The APUC account manager dedicated to support the College is Yvonne Dalgarno. The College also has access to the following:

  • National Higher and Further Education Contracts
  • Scottish Public Sector Contracts established by Scottish Procurement (Scottish Procurement and Commercial Directorate); and
  • Government Procurement Service (formerly Buying Solutions) Contracts

Where the College requires goods, services or works that are not covered by agreements set up by the above, the College complies with limits stipulated in the College Financial Regulations.