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Care Experienced

Care Experienced Bursary – Non Advanced Courses (NC/NQ Level) apply to the College for your funding

 The Care Experienced Bursary is available to all students from academic year 2020/2021, who have experience of being in care at any time in their lives in the UK regardless of age, or who are:

You could receive a non means tested award of: 

  • Bursary Maintenance of £225 per week
  • Travel Award*
  • Study Expenses (normally paid to the College)
  • Tuition Fees

You will be required to submit a letter from a Social Worker/Local Authority

Students In informal care arrangements are not eligible for the Care Experienced Bursary, and all students must meet the residency criteria to be eligible.

*Travel Award

National Entitlement Card Scheme - Young Person's Free Bus Travel (all under 22 year olds)

All students under the age of 22 years are now entitled to apply for free bus travel. Find out more and apply for the young persons free bus travel scheme.