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Qualifications Explained

Here at Glasgow Clyde, we offer a diverse range of college qualifcations, both academic and vocational, including:

Skills for Work

Skills for Work courses are aimed towards young people aged 14-16. Skills for Work qualifications give you the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills which will help to prepare you for the world of work.

Skills for Work courses are different from other vocational provision because they focus on the generic employability skills needed for success in the workplace. The courses offer opportunities for you to get these critical generic employability skills through a variety of practical experiences that are linked to a particular vocational area.

Skills for Work courses also help provide young people with good opportunities to develop their self-confidence. They aim to provide be a very positive learning experience. For many young people, an early chance to work on practical skills that relate directly to the world of work will provide real benefits to their overall educational programme. 

National Progression Awards (NPAs)

National Progression Awards (NPAs) are designed to help people reach their goals and are available in a variety of sectors from Construction through to Childcare. NPAs are aimed at assessing a defined set of skills and knowledge in specialist vocational areas. They also link to National Occupational Standards, which are the basis of SVQs. NPAs are at SCQF Levels 2-6 and are successfully delivered in partnership between schools, colleges and employers. 

College Qualifications - National Certificate Awards

National Certficates are designed to prepare people for employment, career development or progression to more advanced study at HNC/HND level. They also aim to develop a range of transferable knowledge including Core Skills. National Certificates are aimed at 16-18 year olds or adults in full-time education and are at SCQF Levels 2-6.  Each National Certificate has specific aims relating to a subject or occupational area.

Explore our range of courses for school pupils.

SCQF Framework

Find out more about the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework and how it works here.