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Glasgow Clyde College Student Association

GCCSA represents students who attend Glasgow Clyde College as a whole, helping to improve student satisfaction, independent of course or campus location. The goal of GCCSA is ultimately to work with the college to help improve the overall learning experience for students. In addition to championing a better learning environment, GCCSA is also responsible for setting up and running campaigns and activities for students to get involved in and we are always looking for new ideas so don’t be afraid to get in touch with us at any time:

Did you know that as a student of Glasgow Clyde College, you are automatically a member of GCCSA?   

And we are committed to making your experience at Glasgow Clyde College as enjoyable, beneficial and productive as possible.

GCCSA is run by students, for students and aims to:

  • Be representative of the student body
  • Be accountable to students
  • Be supportive of students needs
  • Improve the student experience
  • Recognise your rights as a student
  • Be fun and inclusive

What we do:

  • Effective consultation with all students of Glasgow Clyde College
  • Work in partnership with the college and regional staff
  • Run events and help students set up clubs and societies
  • Promote volunteering opportunities and work opportunities
  • Improve college resources
  • Represent our student’s opinions and interests
  • Meet the team

  • Where to find us


Get Social!

You can follow the GCCSA on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with posts directly for students. It's a great way to find out what's going on and keeps you in touch with anything you need to know about during your time at Glasgow Clyde College.

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