Important Information: EIS-FELA Industrial Action

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At Glasgow Clyde College, it is very important that our students are represented and that the student voice is heard. The Student Association play a huge part in ensuring that this is possible via Class Reps, Ideas Group and Student Elections. 

Class Representatives

A Class Representative (class rep) is a student who represents their class, fellow-students and any student here at Glasgow Clyde College.

They are the first link between students and staff. Class Reps ensure that academic staff and support staff are listening to and engaging with students to improve their experience.

Class Representatives will be provided with Class Rep training and also offered various other training opportunities throughout the year. 

If you are interested, speak to your lecturer or email for more details.

Idea Group

Students are welcome to attend the college IDEA Group meetings. The Idea Group meetings are held to discuss and resolve issues, which are inclusive of the nine protected characteristics identified in the Equality Act 2010.

The membership of each group consists of students and staff who have either a personal interest in related issues or who are supportive and wish to be involved in solution-focused action.

Student Elections

Every year four students (one full time president and three part time vice presidents) are voted in by the student body and are then paid to work for GCCSA by taking up a role of leading the Student Association and representing its student members and raising the profile of GCCSA.

What you need to know:

  1. The current officer team were elected in March 2021 for sessions 21/22.
  2. Student Officer teams are in post from August-June each academic session. 
  3. Nominations for the 22/23 elections will open around Feb 2022... watch this space.
  4. Elections for the 22/23 session will take place around March/April 2022. 
  5. All students have an opportunity to run and/or vote in the Student Officer Elections.
  6. You can find out about the current officer team via our Meet the Team page.