Meet the team

GCCSA is run by our sabbatical team, which is made up of a full time president and three-part time vice presidents. Every spring an election takes place and students are invited to be nominated to run for these four positions, the rest of the student body then cast their vote for who they wish to represent them that year.

We would like to introduce you to the student officer team for 2020/21...

GCCSA Team 2020

Sissa Rasmussen GCCSA Student President

Sissa D Rasmussen

Student President

Motwakil Vice President

Motwakil Muhammed

Vice President

Carol Vice President

Carol Small

Vice President

Kacper Vice President

Kacper Kacica

Vice President

GCCSA also have two members of staff who support the sabbatical officers. The current staff members are:


Jodie McNair

Development Officer


Toni McFadyen