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Online Interviews

This year you may be asked to do an online interview.  Please take a moment to read the guidance for students which will help you to prepare.

Guidance for students using Microsoft Teams or Zoom

We want you to relax and have a positive and successful interview experience. The guidelines below aim to support this.

  • Interviewing online is new for many of us, it involves learning new ways of engaging
  • Interviewing online will likely involve taking part in online video-conferencing tutorials, using Teams or Zoom

Take a look at some online interview guidance for Teams and online interview guidance for Zoom

Beginners guide to Zoom

Please watch below for an easy introductory guide to using Zoom

General info

  • Dress appropriately - not pyjamas!
  • Find a space in your house where you can have privacy to take part in the interview. If this is difficult to arrange, you may need to use a headset to have privacy for your interview. Nobody else – friends, or others in the household – should participate
  • Be on time
  • Be prepared to discuss why you have applied for the course and write down the things that you want to say (eg skills, personal qualities, interests etc)
  • The lecturer will introduce themselves before starting – they want you to relax and have a positive experience

Use of your webcam and microphone during interview

  • The interview will work best when people are able to see and hear each other, so the lecturer will encourage you to have your webcam on. If you have any concerns about using a webcam, please discuss them before starting
  • You can choose to have a virtual background if your system allows.

Getting the most from your interview

  • Our staff want to hear why you have applied for the course so be prepared to say as much as possible about yourself and what motives you to be successful

Courtesy and respect

  • Treat each other with courtesy and respect
  • Please remain calm and respectful at all times 
  • You need to ensure that your behaviour online is appropriate at all times