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Accepting an offer

Once we receive your application form, we may make you a direct offer of a place, or you may receive an offer of a place following an interview.  Once you receive an offer you usually need to respond within 14 days or you risk losing your place on the course. 

There are two types of offer, Conditional and Unconditional.

Conditional Offer

A Conditional Offer means that we would like to offer you a place but we need some final information from you before we can accept you on the course.  This is usually exam results or could be a reference. 

Just received SQA exam results?

  • If you are an external applicant with a Conditional Offer and have received your SQA results – you don’t need to send them in to the College. We will have access to your SQA results and our Admissions team will access them and start to convert Conditional Offers to Unconditional Offers as soon as possible, and we will then contact you.
  • If you haven’t quite got the results you hoped for and not met your conditions – we will still be in touch with alternative options or a potential re-levelling to another course.

If you receive a conditional offer, you should accept it, and then you should let us know when you have the outstanding information. Your offer will then change to an Unconditional Offer, and you should also accept this so we know that you plan to take up your place in August.

Unconditional Offer

An Unconditional Offer means that we are offering you a place on the course, and you should accept this within 14 days or risk losing your place.  Once you have accepted the offer of a place you can then apply for Student Funding, we'll also be able to send you information about enrolment, joining instructions and details about induction.

Contact our Admissions Team if you have any questions about accepting a place E: or T: 0141 272 3186