White Ribbon Scotland Status

“Not everyone commits violence but everyone has a role in helping prevent it”

In the academic year, 2019/2020 Glasgow Clyde College Student Association (GCCSA) on behalf of Glasgow Clyde College joined the White Ribbon Scotland Status campaign, which aims to tackle men’s violence against women, as well as raising awareness around all forms of gender-based violence. The aim is for Glasgow Clyde College to work towards gaining White Ribbon Status as a whole institution. GCCSA as a part of Glasgow Clyde College aim to advocate within the college and the local community, to raise awareness around this important matter.

We are very proud that our Glasgow Clyde College principal Mr Jon Vincent is a White Ribbon Ambassador and will work closely with both GCCSA and White Ribbon Scotland.

In relation to this campaign, GCCSA have a White Ribbon Steering group and get involved in additional campaigns such as ’16 Days of Action’ and ‘White Ribbon Day’. You can find out more on our Canvas page or please email us on with any thoughts or ideas.

White Ribbon Pledge; “I pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about men’s violence against women in all of its forms”

You can show support and sign the White Ribbon Pledge here, make sure that you attach it to Glasgow Clyde College so that you can also support our status campaign.

See our White Ribbon Status Report 2020/2021 here.