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A Return to Study

Returning to education can be a daunting thought.

Whether you have recently left education without the qualifications you need, are unsure of a career path or want to return to education to refresh skills, we have a course for you.

Our return to study courses give you the opportunity to re-engage with learning, work towards qualifications and develop the softer skills (meta-skills) that employers place highly when recruiting.

Course curriculums are project focused to foster the rich development of skills while improving Maths, English and ICT. You will work towards SQA qualification, Employability Awards and external certification. You will volunteer, experience college tasters and visits to and from employers.  This range of learning experiences and qualification will give you the confidence to excel in your chosen career or study path.

Our Adult Return to Study programme is for over 25s, runs for 18 weeks and is part-time. You will study two days per week on campus.

Our Gateway to College programme is for under 25s with no L4 qualifications, runs for 18 weeks and is full-time. You will study three days per week. Two days on campus and one day remotely.

Hear from some of our students about why they love studying with us at Glasgow Clyde College.

Are you a veteran or someone who has left the services?

Find out more about how our courses can help veterans to return to study.

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