Industrial Action

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Get involved

Every year, we look for students to get involved which is a great way to gain experience. There are a number of ways you can get involved with GCCSA to help us create a thriving college community.

Class Representative

A Class Representative (class rep) is a student who represents their class, fellow-students and any student here at Glasgow Clyde College.

They are the first link between students and staff. Class Reps ensure that academic staff and support staff are listening to and engaging with students to improve their experience.

Class Representatives will be provided with Class Rep training and also offered various other trainign opportunities throughout the year. 

Clubs and Societies

Every year we look for students to start their own clubs and societies, which we can help to support. Just let us know what you’d like to do and we can help you get it off the ground!

If you have any suggestions for anything that would benefit your, or your classmates’ student experience, please contact us:

Keep an eye on the GCCSA noticeboards cross campus to see what clubs or societies are being run by students and head along to get involved!

Why should you volunteer for any of these posts?

  • You can gain experience to add to your CV which can improve your future job prospects
  • You will gain access to class rep training to help you within your role
  • You will learn and develop skills in communication, campaigning, team-work, public speaking and negotiation
  • You will help to run events, gaining planning and management skills
  • You will have the opportunity to new friends and socialise with your peers
  • You can ensure the student voice is heard and help shape the future for positive change at Glasgow Clyde College