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Student Elections

13520 10 (PINK) STUDENT ELECTIONS 2021 820X429Every year four students (one full time president and three part time vice presidents) are voted in by the student body and are then PAID TO WORK for GCCSA by taking up a role of leading the Student Association and representing its student members and raising the profile of GCCSA. Our nominations have closed and it is finally time to elect in the team for 2021/2022.

It is now your chance to have your voice heard by voting for the candidates that you think are best to represent you.

Voting is open from 9am on Monday 29 March until Thursday 22 April at 5pm.

Head to the link below to place your vote for our next President and Vice Presidents:

Vote here


Key Dates

  • Nominations open 1 March 2021
  • Campaigning and Voting Open from 29 March - 22 April 2021
  • Results Announcement due to be on 23 April 2021 - time tbc
  • Officers would be in post starting from August 2021 through to June 2022

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