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Highers, National 4s and National 5s

If you'd like to add to the Highers you studied at school, or if you'd like to study National 4s or National 5s for the first time, Glasgow Clyde College offers a selection of courses suitable for you if you're looking to top up your qualifications. You may just be looking for a change from studying in a school setting and want to study National 5s or Highers at college.

What are National 4s and National 5s?

You may remember these as Standard Grades from your time at school. Broadly speaking, the National 4 qualification replaces Standard Grade at General level, with the National 5 replacing a Credit level Standard Grade. National 4s are at SCQF Level 4, National 5s are at SCQF Level 5 and Highers are at SCQF Level 6.

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What do I need Highers, National 4s or National 5s for?

Highers and National 5s are often needed as a minimum requirement for entry onto HNC or HND courses, so if you're looking to study a specific subject, you may need to gain these qualifications first. 

For some Highers, a minimum entry requirement is a National 4 or National 5 in a related subject.

What can I study?

Glasgow Clyde College offers courses in a selection of Highers and National 4 or National 5 subjects. These courses take place to study full-time during the day and some are available to study part-time on week day evenings.  

Check out the Highers and National 5 courses available to study during the day

Check out the Highers courses available to study in the evening

You can study National 5: English and Social Science (English, Maths and History or Psychology) or National 5: Sciences (pick three from Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology) before progressing on to Higher: English and Social Sciences (pick three from English, History, Psychology and Modern Studies) or Highers: Sciences (pick three from Maths, Physics, Human Biology and Chemistry. Some students will be considered for four subjects and/or for English in addition to these subjects).

As well as studying for National 5s or Highers you will be supported with a guidance class to help you with your studies and your future career choices.

We also offer a National 4 Qualification Passport course for those who need National 4 English and Maths to progress on to our National 5 programmes or to study at Level 5 in any other area across the college. 


Private Candidates - SQA Exams 

If you are a private candidate wishing to sit an SQA exam for National 5 and Higher subjects, we may be able to support you as the presenting centre. Just use the link below to find out more.

Find out more about Private Candidates - SQA Exams

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