Highers, National 4s and National 5s

If you'd like to add to the Highers you studied at school, or if you'd like to study National 4s or National 5s for the first time, Glasgow Clyde College offers a selection of courses suitable for you if you're looking to top up your qualifications.  

What are National 4s and National 5s?

You may remember these as Standard or O Grades from your time at school! Broadly speaking, the National 4 qualification replaces Standard Grade at General level, with the National 5 replacing a Credit level Standard Grade.

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What do I need Highers, National 4s or National 5s for?

Highers are often needed as a minimum requirement for entry onto HNC or HND courses, so if you're looking to study a specific subject, you may need to gain Highers first. 

For some Highers, a minimum entry requirement is a National 4 or National 5 in a related subject.

When can I study?

Glasgow Clyde College offers part-time evening courses in a selection of Higher and National 4 or National 5 subjects. These courses take place on week day evenings. 

A selection of English and Maths revision courses are also offered on Saturday mornings, if you're looking to give a boost to your Higher or National 4 or National 5 studies. These take the form of practice in close reading, essay writing and mathematics, supported by course leaders.

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