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Disabled Students Allowance

What is DSA?

Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) is awarded by SAAS. 

This funding may be available to students studying on courses at HN level or above. Students may be eligible if they fit the following criteria:

  • they register with Learning Inclusion 
  • they have a formal diagnosis of an additional support need and/or disability (or will obtain this)

Once registered with Learning Inclusion, your adviser will undertake a Needs Assessment with you to discuss your support needs and any potential barriers to your learning. From this, they may (or may not) make recommendations for learning support strategies. This could include specialist equipment, software and/or training, study support, or proofreading support. 

Your Adviser will take care of:

  • Writing your DSA Needs Assessment Report
  • Providing and preparing the application form for you to sign
  • Sending the report, application form and supporting medical documentation to SAAS

They will take you through the whole process and will explain every aspect along the way. 

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