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Cardonald Campus
Start Date & time
5 Sep 2024 @ 6pm - 7pm (Thursday)
Qualification Type
Course Type
6 weeks


The yoga beginner classes at Glasgow Clyde College will work every part of your body, stimulating your whole system both inside and out. This course is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and will allow for different exercises to be modified in a range of difficulties from beginner to advanced. The intensity can be increased over time as your body conditions and adapts to the exercises.

What will I learn?

Health Benefits of Yoga
Yoga is a range of physical, mental and spiritual practices which originated in ancient India with a view to attaining a state of permanent peace. The positive effects of Yoga have been recognised for thousands of years.

Various studies on the practice of yoga have shown that it’s a safe and highly effective way to improve various aspects of your health and wellbeing, including flexibility, strength and balance. There has been some evidence that regular practice of yoga can have a positive impact on heart disease and blood pressure, can help with aches and pains (including back pain) and may even help combat stress and depression.

What to Bring
We recommend that participants wear comfortable clothing to these Yoga for beginners classes to make it easier to perform some of the movements. We also recommend that you bring a yoga mat, as it can help with stability and can make floor work more comfortable.

Please note that this class is not suitable for pregnant women. Those with an interest in health and fitness may be interested in our range of sports and fitness courses.

Entry requirements (minimum)

There are no entry requirements. This course is for all levels, especially beginners.

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