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Nail Care (including Gel Manicure and Nail Art)

Cardonald Campus
Start Date & time
18 Apr 2024 @ 7 - 9pm
Qualification Type
Course Type
8 weeks


This Nail Care course is ideal for anyone who would enjoy to learn the safe, hygienic process of a gel manicure treatment and the application of nail art.

Learn how to look after your natural nails in a fun, exciting environment where in turn you will learn how to apply gel and nail art for those special occasions i.e. Valentine’s Day, holiday nails, Halloween and Christmas nails.

If you're interested in the world of nail care, join today for an in-depth look; you may wish to further your studies with a certificated course and join the industry as a professional!

This is a non-certificated course for your own enjoyment - you will not get insurance to perform this as a professional service upon completion.

What will I learn?

This uncertified but fun and informative course will cover the following:

  • Introduction to basic nail anatomy
  • Understanding of a basic manicure and the gel process
  • An understanding of nail tools and equipment
  • Exciting, fun look at nail art…let your artistic side flow
  • We will also provide knowledge and understanding when NOT to apply gel to yourself.

Safety and hygiene will be followed at all times.

Come and enjoy some fun-filled time with like-minded people where you will learn, explore and enjoy the wonderful world of natural, healthy nails!

Entry requirements (minimum)

You will be required to bring:

  1. Basic manicure tools i.e., cuticle pusher, nail files, buffer
  2. LED or UV lamp (The SUN UV lamp is recommended & reasonably priced)
  3. Minimum of 3 colour gel polishes plus base & top coat
  4. Cuticle oil
  5. You can also bring nail art products, normal nail polish etc.

NOTE: Your tutor will explain eveything you need during week 1 of the course! They will also bring a nail art kit in hope students can sanitise and share. (COVID permitting)

The initial outlay for this exciting course can be pricey however you will soon see the benefits when you can safely provide a full manicure on yourself.

More questions? Contact us about this course

0141 272 3298