BPEC Domestic Gas Foundation - Managed Learning Programme (MLP)

Cardonald Campus
SCQF Level
Start Date & time
5 Sep 2022 @ 8:30am - 4:30pm
Qualification Type
Other non-advanced qual
Course Type
6 - 8 months

Start date is subject to change until timetables for 2022/2023 are confirmed.

What will I learn?

Glasgow Clyde College's BPEC Gas Managed Learning Programme is a part time commercial training course designed for those wishing to enter the gas industry. On completion of the training, portfolio and successful assessment candidates are issued with a BPEC Gas Foundation certificate. This certificate enables candidates to undertake the relevant ACS assessments and apply to work under the Gas Safe Register.

  • Core gas safety
  • Combustion performance analysis
  • Industry specific health and safety training
  • Hot and cold water plumbing systems
  • Unvented hot water systems
  • Basic electrical appreciation
  • Safe isolation
  • Practical skills associated with installation, pipework
  • Servicing and repair of boilers, fires and cookers
  • On the job portfolio of verified work undertaken
  • ACS Assessments.

A minimum of 60 days work experience is required (for portfolio completion).

Delegates should have access to:

  • A PC/Laptop
  • Internet / WiFi
  • Microsoft Teams – to interact with your class mates and the trainers

This will allow candidates to undertake elements of the course online. Office 365 Service is desirable to allow access to Microsoft Office Product Line (Word, PowerPoint etc) but is included in student account which you will have access to upon enrolment. 

Cost includes: 

  • Training and course assessments 
  • Awarding body registration and certification
  • ACS Assessments
  • Training pack and materials

There are various funding options you or your company may be eligible for (specific criteria applies): 

This part time commercial training course does not meet the criteria for SAAS funding or Fee Waivers

The College has a student funding department for further funding / financial advice and support while making enquires and for the duration of the training course - 


What is included in the course cost?

The cost includes:

  • Training
  • Course materials
  • MLP assessments (including portfolio marking)
  • BPEC registration and certification (Domestic Foundation Gas certificate)
  • ACS assessments

Gas Safe registration is not included in the course cost as this is an independent registration.

What are the payment options?

Candidates will receive an invoice for the course fee of £1950. The balance (after deposit) of £1450 is due before the end of the training sessions (date stipulated on invoice). There are certain obligations on payment and a payment agreement is required where full payment is not made at the time of booking. This payment agreement must be in place on or before the end of induction. Payment options are:

  • Standing order (must be set up by candidate via their bank) OR;
  • Pre-agreed payments dates with the Finance office (cash or card) or course administrator (card only)

There is currently no direct debit facility for this course.

What are my options in terms of funding? Is there government funding available?

This is a part time commercial training course and is not eligible for SAAS or government funding, except ITA if available at the time of enrolment. The company which is mentoring you may be eligible for Flexible Workforce Development Funding (FWDF).

What is the role of the mentor?

The mentor’s role is to supervise your ‘on the job’ training which you record to build evidence of your work-based evidence – your portfolio. Confirmation of the mentor should be in writing quoting Gas Safe registration in the first instance. 

The mentor must sign documentation of each appliance worked on and assist with the completion of the portfolio.  The capacity in which you work with the mentor is agreed between you and them taking into consideration insurance, liability and written agreements etc.

Mentor verification via Gas Safe card and certificates, insurance, liability and written agreements must be provided before the course start date and the mentor must commit for the duration of the course otherwise enrolment is subject to review. 

Why do I need a mentor to start the course can I not start and get one later? 

A mentor is necessary to build the portfolio. If your mentor withdraws support we can allow a couple weeks to source another. Thereafter, your place on the course will be subject to review. The College must remain impartial and cannot provide or recommend a mentor. 

How much time do I need to spend with my mentor?

The more experience you can get the better to build your ‘on the job’ experience, however a minimum of 60 days’ work experience is required for portfolio completion. 

How long will it take to become a qualified gas engineer?

Training and assessments take approximately 6-8 months. From enrolment in College to Gas Safe registration is dependent on individual progress with the training, portfolio and assessments.  

Once deemed successful by the College all required paperwork is submitted to BPEC.  The Domestic Gas Foundation Certificate is then generated for subsequent ACS assessments which proves competency to work as a gas engineer. Once delegates have the Domestic Foundation Gas certificate it is their responsibility to contact the College and book in for the ACS assessments. Successful ACS assessments prove competency to work as a gas engineer and register with gas safe.

Portfoilios submitted after the academic year of enrolment may be subject to charge as the lecturer will be timetabled to other committments by that time. For this reason the turnaround time of the portfolio will be longer. 

How much is Gas Safe Registration?

The initial cost is approximately £400. Registration renewal is annual and costs approximately £120. 

What days am I required to attend College? 

The recommended amount of days is 40 days in College. Attendance is part time and example modes of attendance based on previous courses are - block attendance once a month or 2 days every week. Attendance dates will be confirmed once timetables are published for 2022/2023. 

Are there various intakes?

There is one intake per year. We can accept late enrolments a maximum of 2 weeks after the start date as long as the candidate has a mentor and the deposit ready. Any days missed need to be made up due to the minimum amount of time required in College (detailed above).

Where have previous students gone onto work following the course?

Most candidates have gone on to become self-employed Gas Safe registered engineers or continue to work with the company which mentored them or gain employment with reputable companies such as housing associations. Majority of BPEC Gas MLP students return to the College when they require to renew their ACS certifcates or wish to upskill and extend their range or scope.  

Question/query still unanswered? 

There are open door slots on Friday 06 May which is the opportunity to come into the College, see the facilities and ask any questions you have regarding the course, particularly those of a technical nature. Keep an eye on this web page and the College website on how to book. 

More questions?

If you have any more questions or require further clarification of any topics not covered above please do not hesitate to get in touch or refer to BPEC’s web page for more information Domestic Gas Foundation | Learning for Life | BPEC

Entry requirements (minimum)

To confirm a booking delegates must provide the following:

  1. An independently sourced gas safe registered mentor AND;
  2. A £500 deposit
  3. Qualifications or experience as follows:
  • A recognised qualification in the mechanical services engineering sector e.g. plumbing OR;
  • A minimum of 2 SCQF Level 4 or equivalent qualifications, preferably English and Mathematics or National 4 ESOL certification (if English is not candidate's first language) OR; 
  • Relevant/appropriate experience that will help build the portfolio

Where verification of qualifications/experience is not available, you may be asked to attend an entry interview. 

Once verification of the mentor and qualifications/experience is received the £500 deposit will secure a place and you will receive a link to enrol.

Candidate's must declare they have not previously had a gas competency certificate withdrawn or been deemed in competent in gas safety.

Employer and industry links

BPEC is the British Plumbing Employment Council which is an industry leading specialised provider of Building Services Engineering (BSE) sector qualifications, assessments and training courses via a network of accredited colleges, private training centres and industry stakeholders.

Jobs and further study

On successful recommendation from the College and completion of both college-based assessments and the portfolio candidates will receive a Domestic Foundation Gas certificate which enables them to undertake ACS assessments. ACS is the nationally Accredited Certification Scheme for the gas industry. These assessments are included in the course cost. 

On successful completion of the ACS Assessments, candidates can apply for Gas Safe registration as a competent person. Gas Safe registration is not included in the course cost and is responsibility of the individual.

Once qualified you could:

  • Gain employment within the gas industry earning £30k+
  • Operate your own business
  • Install service and repair boilers, water heaters, fires, cookers and meters
  • Secure work with letting agents/housing associations
  • Carry out landlord gas safety certificates.

Once on the gas safe register for 6+ months, candidates can extend their range by undertaking additional appliances and extend their scope from natural gas to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or to non domestic gas.

Depending on scope, range and experience thereafter, candidates could consider upskilling to install and maintain renewable energy sources such as Heat Pumps.

More questions? Contact us about this course

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