Coronavirus FAQs

Last updated Friday 27 March 

Is the College closed? 

All campuses and buildings are closed – but online and remote learning and teaching continues. This will continue to be reviewed based on government and health advice. Please continue to check information via the college website and social media.  


Can I still contact the College? 

Yes, staff are still working remotely and the College can be contacted on 0141 272 9000 or by email 


Can I still get in touch with my lecturers?  

Yes, you can contact lecturers by email. If you don’t know their email address please telephone 0141 272 9000 or email 

If you wish to contact a specific faculty – please use the faculty email addresses that are displayed on the website for each course and not the faculty telephone numbers - which will ensure that we can get back in contact with you.


How will the College communicate with me?

It is really important that you use your college email account as this will be one of the main ways that we communicate with you.

Microsoft Office 365 for Students
The latest version of Microsoft Office is now available to download and install free for all students with a College email account.

Get access to this benefit by going to and signing in with your student reference number and password. Once you are signed in, click on Office 365 and then follow the instructions to download and install.

Start using your student email and Office 365 account today:

Log in:

Username:  'Your student ref number'

Password:  Your current college account password

The latest updates will appear on the College website and social media channels:

Facebook: @GlasgowClyde
Instagram: glasgowclyde
Twitter: @Glasgow_Clyde


How will I complete my course?

Meetings are taking place nationally between colleges, SQA and other awarding bodies to help clarify how certification will take place and we will inform students as soon as possible when detailed information is available.


What should I do right now?

It is vitally important that all students continue to engage with their lecturing staff – through the VLE, online support, email and virtual lessons – in order to complete coursework remotely and maximise all sources of evidence that will help inform certification. 

We appreciate this is an anxious time and will update students as soon as final decisions have been made on the methods of certification for this year.


How will I get my qualification?

It is likely that certification for HNC/Ds, NCs and other college qualifications will be based on course work, prior attainment, candidate evidence and lecturer estimates – and this could include any evidence gathered remotely. 

Assessment judgements will draw on the full range of candidate evidence available – and also rely on the professional judgement and estimates of staff.


What about HN Graded Units?

Where graded units are incomplete and further progress with them is not possible, an estimate model for internal assessment decisions will be implemented.

This will enable colleges to use their professional judgement to assess other candidate evidence, including their knowledge of their candidates, their progress and achievements to date.


What will happen about SQA Exams?

SQA exams will not take place this year. 

There will be no requirement for colleges and schools to submit learner coursework for Highers this year. All National 5 coursework, due to be uplifted in April and May, will not be submitted for marking.

SQA will provide further details on the estimation of grades needed from teachers and lecturers to inform certification, and fuller details of their approach to certification, as soon as possible. 

For SQA updates visit


What about progression to university?

Colleges are in communication with Higher Education partners and universities to determine their proposed arrangements in terms of progression and articulation to degree programmes. We hope to honour student progression where there is evidence of working towards a pass.


How can I access online learning?

You can access the VLE from the quick links on our website or by visiting


Is there any ICT support for Students? 

Yes, please remember to register for the online Password Reset system using the below link:

Should any student experience technical difficulty with passwords, please contact the ICT Support service on 0141 272 0633.  


Is Learning Support still available for students? 

Yes, our Learning Inclusion team are getting in touch with all those who use the service directly.  If you need to speak to the department please email


What will happen to bursary payments? 

The College plans to continue to provide bursary support to all students who remain engaged on their courses.

If you have a specific enquiry regarding your bursary, please contact student funding


Is there any other support available for students?

Yes, we have teamed up with Big White Wall who can offer anonymous, online Mental Health Support.  You will need your college email account to access this. 

Here is a useful guide prepared by Big White Wall Looking after yourself during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Young Scot has also produced some useful information


What about student placements? 

During the period of suspended face-to-face teaching and learning, students are not required to attend external placements. If you have any questions please contact your lecturer.


Can I still apply for a course starting in August 2020?

Yes, applications are still being accepted for 2020/2021.  We will endeavour to continue to make offers directly to applicants. Admissions can be contacted by email

If you want to find out more about the different types of funding available visit


Will interviews still be taking place?

Face-to-face interviews are not taking place. If you have applied for a course and had an interview scheduled we will be in touch to update you further, please keep checking your emails and online account regularly.

Some curriculum areas are carrying out telephone/skype/video interviews whilst others are making direct offers.

We will continue to be in touch with all applicants to progress your application as quickly as possible. 

If you have questions or concerns Admissions can be contacted by email


What should I do if I have a question about coming to college?

Please email with your enquiry and our Student Advice team will be there to help you.


What is happening?

There is currently an outbreak of a Novel Coronavirus which is the virus responsible for causing the disease now known as COVID-19.


Where can I find the latest information?

Health Protection Scotland  


What is the latest advice from the Scottish Government? 

To slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) the general public are being asked to stay at home and avoid unnecessary social contact.

The advice is that people should:

  • stay at home and avoid social contact - if you do have to go out, maintain 2 metres distance from others
  • work from home where possible
  • follow basic hygiene precautions, such as washing hands frequently, not touching your face and covering you nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing 

People showing symptoms suggestive of coronavirus should stay at home for seven days and only contact NHS 111 if their symptoms worsen during that period. 


How do I know if I should self-isolate?

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are recent onset of:

  • new continuous cough and/or
  • high temperature (above 8°C) 

All members of a household where someone has suspected symptoms should stay at home for 14 days.