Student Q and As

What skills will I need to do some of my studies online? *NEW*

The main difference between blended and face-to-face learning is that you will use online communication platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  Many of us have been using these for communication with family and friends and your studies will see lecturers using these to communicate with classes and individual students.  During the first couple of weeks we will help you learn to use these.  We will also give short courses on digital skills and study skills as part of your induction that will give you the skills you need to study online, at home and in College.  Staff from the library will also be on hand to support you with any digital queries and we have a student ICT helpdesk which will provide helpful information.

When I will receive confirmation of my place?

If you have an Unconditional offer, you will receive details about how to enrol online as soon as this process is ready to start (hopefully July onwards). If you have a Conditional offer, you should inform the college as soon as you have evidence to meet these conditions. If you are unsure about your place or have not heard anything about your application, please contact the Admissions team at

If you have a specific question about your offer please contact the relevant Curriculum email address that sent you details.

When will my course start?

Full time courses are scheduled to begin teaching on Monday 7 September 2020 – which is two weeks later than originally planned. Some courses may start earlier or later depending on specific circumstances. As part of a phased start to the academic year college induction activities will begin online from Monday 24 August and each student will be contacted with details of their own course arrangements.

Is it safe to re-open?

The health, safety and wellbeing of students, staff and visitors remains our main priority. All of the plans for the phased reopening of the College have safety at their heart. The Scottish Government has planned how all sectors can begin to move on from lockdown and we are following this expert advice. The guidance is based upon the most up to date scientific information available, including the assessment of the risks surrounding COVID-19 and the risks associated with living in lockdown. The College will continue to follow the official guidance available to ensure the safety of the Glasgow Clyde College community and we will share all updates on our website, social media channels and through direct contact.

What will be the arrangements for enrolment?

An online enrolment process will be implemented from July for new and returning students. Once you accept an Unconditional offer you will receive further details about how to enrol. There may also be safe face-to-face enrolment required for specific courses – where necessary you will be informed of this process.

What are the arrangements for induction?

We plan to start college wide induction activities from Monday 24 August. Induction will be different but really important this year – with more online resources and activities. This experience aims to introducing you to the college, outlining student support and funding details, helping you to use Canvas (the college’s Virtual Learning Environment), describing how to work best online and allowing you to speak to key staff with any concerns or questions you may have about your course.  We will offer you the chance to update some of the skills we think you will need to work on a blended basis.  You will receive further details directly confirming the induction programme.

When will I receive my timetable?

Detailed course start dates, induction plans and timetables will be sent to all students directly using the contact details we hold for you. Timetables may have to be delivered differently at the start of this year and we are working on timetabling for all courses and will confirm with students when we can, but this is likely to be in August. 

We understand that students who have children in school or nursery may be concerned about how their college course can fit in with school and nursery attendance patterns that may be in place from August.  Wherever possible, we will try to fit your college timetable in to meet your caring and employment requirements.

Will class times change?

The College is planning what a college day might look like as we prepare for a blended learning approach, which will require online learning alongside some on campus delivery. We will contact you directly to confirm how classes will be delivered.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning involves undertaking some of your studies online via various social media platforms (e.g. using our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – Canvas or using Zoom or Microsoft Teams). This means that you will not be in college but will take part in online teaching and tutorials, study groups and projects at home. We will be able to provide you with more information as we complete our delivery plans.

What funding and financial support will be in place?

It is vital that students apply for funding as soon as they receive an unconditional offer. Students on a FE course may apply for bursary/EMA funding  and students on an HN course may apply for SAAS funding. Visit Student Funding for more information. 

Funding will be available on the same basis as every other year.  Your course funding will start from the new start date for your course and continue as normal. We will ensure that the updated course dates are incorporated into funding arrangements – so you don’t need to do anything extra. Travel expenses will only be paid if the individual is required to travel to college as part of their course and study costs will be paid at the point students need them. We are always available to provide advice and support to any student with financial concerns. 

If you have any funding questions you can email us directly on

Do I have to come in to college for my classes or to access support services?

All courses will have an element of online learning and in some cases, the majority of the first teaching block may require online delivery. Glasgow Clyde is the first college to launch Canvas as its new online learning platform (VLE) and we are confident this will improve the student experience and provide an accessible virtual environment for our learners.

Support will be provided to learners where needed and any student who requires additional learning support should contact the College depending on which campus they plan to attend:

Can I see how I will work online before I start my course?

Your induction will include introductory courses to Canvas and will allow you to see how online learning might work.  Your induction will give you a chance to update some of the skills you might need for your studies.  Classes may also be delivered using Zoom or Microsoft Teams to improve the student experience.

Will Schools programmes start on 7 September too?

The College is working with local schools to identify when we can deliver our schools provision.  We hope to align our schools-link programme to our other delivery.  Parents and school pupils should contact their school directly for information.

How much time will I have in College?

At the moment, we are planning for some courses to be delivered partly in-college and partly by blended learning (online and not in college). However, some courses may initially be delivered with a significant element of online teaching. Curriculum teams are currently working out the practicalities for each course and we will provide more information as soon as it is available.

What about practical classes?

Currently, the national guidance asks us to limit the number of people on campus.

Each Course Team is looking at this to get the right solution for the students on their courses. We need to limit the number of people on campus at any given time so we can adhere to social distancing guidelines. That means that at least some of your classes and learning will be done off campus (like online sessions or projects and activities that you will complete from home).

Where part of your course requires you to have access to practical areas, like workshops, kitchens, salons or labs, we hope to provide you with access to these learning spaces, but it is likely to be in smaller groups. We will continue to review this as guidance changes, and it may mean increasing or reducing your time on campus.

What if I cannot access online classes and resources?

All learning will require access to a PC or laptop and an internet connection.  The College is working to identify ways to support student access including possible lending and purchase schemes. If you are worried about ICT access, please contact the relevant curriculum contact address or email the College on

If I cannot study at home, can I come into College?

We know every individual’s circumstances are different. The current restrictions on social distancing and wider government guidelines mean we do not expect significant access to buildings at the start of courses.  We are investigating how we may offer limited access within the current restrictions.  If you have particular difficulties working online, make contact with our student advice team or your course team and we will work with you to find a solution. 

Will work placements be possible as part of my course?

We are looking at how we can continue to give students the chance to gain work experience where that is part of their course. We will work closely with our awarding bodies and placement providers to agree when and how students can safely go out onto work placement in line with the appropriate guidance. 

What will happen if I do not attend my online classes?

All students who enrol on a course will be expected to engage with the online classes and study.  Staff across the College will support students as we deliver learning in a different way and we will monitor student engagement to ensure you are able to keep up with learning activities and maintain any funding you may receive.  If you encounter any difficulties you should contact your course lecturers or student services to discuss the support you need to engage with the course.

Will it be safe to travel to College?

The majority of learning will be on an online basis but travel arrangements for those who will be required to attend campus are part of the plans we are making. With social distancing measures in place, there will be reduced capacity on public transport and we are closely monitoring government guidelines.

How long will these plans be in place?

We don’t know the exact timescales but we are constantly monitoring events and advice. The Scottish Government has outlined four phases for moving from lockdown, with lower restrictions and a move towards near normal activities growing with each phase. Phase 1 began on 29 May, with Phase 2 expected to follow over the summer and Phase 3 in August 2020. Phase 4 is estimated at some point over the remainder of the calendar year – but all timings are subject to change, based on the scientific evidence.

Will I be tested for Covid-19 before coming into any of the College buildings or facilities?

Glasgow Clyde is following Scottish Government guidance on arrangements for Test and Protect. This guidance does not currently require routine College-based testing as part of our reopening activities, but if this guidance changes then testing will be put in place as needed.

What if I am shielding?

Current guidance confirms those groups that should follow the shielding requirements. This will also be supplemented for those that are required to self-isolate under the Test and Protect strategy. The College is fully supporting this guidance and will expect that any student who meets the official criteria will follow the shielding / isolation guidance – including not coming onto campus or accessing college buildings.

I’m a carer how will online learning affect me?

All students will largely be learning on an online basis and it is important all students consider access to a PC or laptop and have an internet connection.  Those with caring responsibilities may find the online delivery supportive of their caring responsibilities.  If you have any questions please contact our Student Advice team on

Will the nurseries at each campus be open?

The Nurseries on each campus will be open for the start of the new term and will be working to the guidance issued by the Scottish Government guidance issued on reopening early years learning and childcare services.

What student support is available?

Student support services will all be in place for the new session but many will be operating on an online and telephone basis.  This will include our Student Association - GCCSA, Student Funding, Student Advice and Information, Learning Inclusion, Libraries and Counselling.

What about part-time or leisure courses?

The College website will provide details on all courses including part time and leisure courses.

How can I keep up to date?

The College will provide student messages every Friday and these will be available on the College website and via social media channels.  Our Student Association, GCCSA will also keep students informed and will be updating social media.

What are the term dates for 2020-21?

You can find the term dates for 2020-2021 here.

Where can I find your health and safety policy statement on Covid-19?

You can find our health and safety policy statement on Covid-19 here.