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FAQs for current students

All campuses and buildings are closed until further notice – but online and remote learning and teaching continues. This will continue to be reviewed based on government and health advice. Please continue to check information via the college website and social media.  

Yes, staff are still working remotely and the College can be contacted on 0141 272 9000 or by email 

Yes, you can contact lecturers by email. If you don’t know their email address please telephone 0141 272 9000 or email 

If you wish to contact a specific faculty – please use the faculty email addresses that are displayed on the website for each course and not the faculty telephone numbers - which will ensure that we can get back in contact with you.

It is really important that you use your college email account as this will be one of the main ways that we communicate with you.

Microsoft Office 365 for Students
The latest version of Microsoft Office is now available to download and install free for all students with a College email account.

Get access to this benefit by going to and signing in with your student reference number and password. Once you are signed in, click on Office 365 and then follow the instructions to download and install.

Start using your student email and Office 365 account today:

Log in:

Username:  'Your student ref number'

Password:  Your current college account password

The latest updates will appear on the College website and social media channels:

Facebook: @GlasgowClyde
Instagram: glasgowclyde
Twitter: @Glasgow_Clyde

Please note, this information is for those students undertaking

  • Higher National Certificates (HNC)
  • Higher National Diplomas (HND)
  • National Certificates (NCs)
  • National Progression Awards (NPAs)
  • Professional Development Awards (PDAs)
  • Skills for Work (SfW) qualifications
  • NQ courses, which may be part of a college devised programme.

This information does not apply to those studying Highers and Nat 5s. Please see question 'What will happen if I'm studying Highers and Nat 5s?'

Course Teams, led by SLs, will be able to use their professional judgement to estimate learner success where evidence is incomplete. Staff will use their knowledge of learners' progress before shutdown and performance in previous units to help make assessment judgements.

However, where possible, we would still ask you to engage in learning and teaching activities to help generate evidence and inform assessment judgements.

The College has a clear process in place to ensure that Course Teams make fair and consistent assessment decisions and that no learner is disadvantaged during these exceptional circumstances.   

Some practical assessments will not be able to be completed remotely and, if it’s not possible for staff to estimate competence, it may be necessary to defer some assessments to a later date.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your SL or Lecturer.

It is vitally important that all students continue to engage with their lecturing staff – through the VLE, online support, email and virtual lessons – in order to complete coursework remotely and maximise all sources of evidence that will help inform certification. 

Where graded units are incomplete and further progress with them is not possible, an estimate model for internal assessment decisions will be implemented.

This will enable colleges to use their professional judgement to assess other candidate evidence, including their knowledge of their candidates, their progress and achievements to date.

SQA exams have not taken place this year. 

Your lecturers have taken account of any available work that you have completed throughout the course. Using their teaching experience, and their knowledge of your work and your progress so far, they have made an estimate of the grade you would have achieved under normal circumstances.

Estimate grades are based on how well you have demonstrated the required skills, knowledge and understanding for each course at National 5 or Higher. SQA will then have the information they need to adjust estimates where necessary, and to ensure consistency — both across the country and in comparison, with previous years.

Results will be issued by Tuesday 4 August as originally planned for National Courses (National 5/Highers) and awards, National Certificates, National Progression Awards and Skills for Work courses.

We strongly recommend that you sign-up to MySQA to receive your results by text and/or email. If you have already received your results through MySQA previously, you will continue to do so, and we recommend that you review and check your profile to make sure your contact details are correct and up to date.

For more information visit SQA FAQs -

SQA offers a free appeals service which will be available for you to use if you disagree with your result.

After 4 August, a free appeals or post-certification review process will be available to schools and colleges to allow them to request a review of the grade awarded for a learner or a group of learners. It is important that such a service is in place in this exceptional year. 

If a learner has a concern about their results, they should discuss it with their school or college as soon as possible after 4 August. SQA will give priority to requests for those learners requiring a result to secure a conditional place at college or university. 

For schools and colleges to request a review, the following criteria must be met: 

  • a learner or group of learners must have been awarded a lower grade than the estimated grade their school or college submitted; and
  • assessment evidence must be available to support the estimated grade — this can be wide ranging and include

               - prelim or mock papers

               - additional tasks or assignments

               - performance or practical evidence

Some courses, particularly those with practical elements, were not able to be completed due to the closure of college buildings in March – and results for these outcomes were deferred. These are the elements which had to be delivered face to face or in the workplace. We are making plans to enable you to complete your course, based on government guidance as to when it’s safe to get you back on campus, and are devising timetables with the intention to schedule the outstanding work once teaching staff return from 10 August 2020.

You will receive more detailed information as these plans are confirmed over the summer but the intention is to get the outstanding work covered as soon as possible in August/September. How quickly we are able to do this will depend on the amount of work outstanding and the social distancing rules at that time.  If you have any specific questions please contact your Faculty or email


  • As with all courses in the college, SWAP courses will continue to be supported online and lecturers will continue to gather evidence to help make assessment decisions or estimate performance where appropriate to ensure you pass as many SQA units as possible. 
  • SQA units are, of course, only one part of your progression requirements, and your overall performance in the first 2 blocks of the course, supplemented by any additional evidence gathered in block 3, will also be used to write your final SWAP Student Profile, which will allocate the grades required for university or college  progression. 
  • Because SWAPWest is a unique partnership between SWAPWest, Colleges and Universities, SWAPWest will have continued dialogue with its partners to ensure that universities are aware of the potential impact of the current situation on overall course completion and any special circumstances that students are experiencing.  Some universities have already relaxed their criteria in light of the current situation.
  • As there are hundreds of SWAP progression routes, each with slightly different criteria, SWAPWest will communicate directly with college course tutors to advise them of any updates or changes to the usual progression arrangements.  It is therefore vital that you keep in weekly contact with your course tutor during this period when progression decisions are being made so that they can advise you of the specific requirements for your chosen progression route. 
  • You can also access weekly updates from SWAPWest on their website which also includes other resources and tips for coping during this period

SDS is working with SQA and other awarding bodies to support their guidance for individuals and learning providers to ensure that the effects of disruption are minimised and that wherever possible, apprentices and learners are not negatively impacted in the long term. 

Some work based practical assessments may not be able to be completed remotely and, if it’s not possible for staff to estimate competence, it may be necessary to defer some assessments to a later date. 

SQA Accreditation (who advise on regulated qualifications) are posting regular updates on their website

Colleges are in communication with Higher Education partners and universities to determine their proposed arrangements in terms of progression and articulation to degree programmes. We hope to honour student progression where there is evidence of working towards a pass.

For general information about your learning and links to a number of useful education bodies visit

You can access the VLE from the quick links on our website or by visiting

In addition the library has a range of resources which are available via the library pages of the VLE.

Yes, please remember to register for the online Password Reset system using the below link:

Should any student experience technical difficulty with passwords, please contact the ICT Support service on 0141 272 0633.  

Yes, our Learning Inclusion team are getting in touch with all those who use the service directly.  If you need to speak to the department please email

Bursary maintenance and EMA payments will continue until the end of your course on the instalment dates provided in your award email.

Please note travel payments will not be made for the time that the college is closed as per advice from the Scottish Government. This will take effect from Friday 24 April.

Following advice from the Scottish Government payments to childcare providers will stop unless you can provide evidence that fees are still required.

If you have a specific enquiry regarding your support funds, please contact Student Funding 

If, as a result of Covid-19, you are experiencing a reduction in household income such as loss of employment or you have additional expenditure such as increased household bills, please email Student Funding to enquire about our Discretionary funding.

The following websites have support and advice:


SAAS have produced some useful FAQs which they are updating regularly.

We've set up a Mental Health Helpline for students who feel that they need to talk to someone. Just call 0141 272 3786 from 1pm – 4pm, Monday to Friday. The helpline is staffed by counsellors and is available to current Glasgow Clyde College students.  All you need to do is provide your 8 digit Student Reference. 

We have also teamed up with Big White Wall who can offer anonymous, online Mental Health Support.  You will need your college email account to access this. 

Here is a useful guide prepared by Big White Wall Looking after yourself during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Young Scot has also produced some useful information 

This is currently being reviewed and we will advise in due course if we will be hosting a graduation ceremony

We'll share details on the website and social media, so make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

In the meantime, if you are an HN student and you are due to graduate this year, please make sure that the College has up-to-date contact details for you. You can check this with the Faculty Administrator for the course you studied - their email address is within the course information on the website.