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GCCSA Follow, Like and Tag to win

Terms and Conditions

  1. Follow, Like and Tag to win focuses on promotion of Glasgow Clyde College Student Associations Social Media Channels.
  2. Students will have to TAG at least 2 people under the Social Media post
  3. Instagram Campaign – 2nd November 2020
  4. Facebook Campaign – 16th November 2020
  5. The competition is open to current Glasgow Clyde College students.
  6. A student that will WIN the draw for each of Social Media Channel will have to provide a student reference number for Glasgow Clyde College to confirm that they are currently attending the institution.
  7. An e-Voucher will be sent to student institution via email address.
  8. A winner will be drawn at random by GCCSA on Monday 9th November for Instagram Campaign and Monday 23rd for Facebook Campaign.
  9. The Prize for each Social Media Channel will be £25.