Tuition Fees For HNC/HND/Degree (Advanced) Courses

Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) funding

Most full-time HNC/HND/Degree students who are ordinarily resident in Scotland will have their fees paid directly to the College by SAAS.

What do I need to do?

  • Visit or call 0300 555 0505 to apply
  • Bring your SAAS award notice letter to the College when you come to enrol.


If you do not apply to SAAS, or if they deem you ineligible for support, which may be on the grounds of residence or previous study, you are liable for the payment of fees and will be invoiced in full by the College.

How much will I pay?

  • If you meet eligibility criteria you will be charged £1,285 per year. Degree courses are £1,820.
  • If you are ordinarily resident in England, Wales or Northern Ireland (RUK) you may be charged a higher rate of £3,000 per year for HNC / HND courses.
  • If you are ordinarily resident outside the EU you may be charged a higher rate of £6,000 per year for HNC / HND courses.

What do I need to do?

  • Bring your bank details (sort code, account number and branch address) to College when you come to enrol.
  • Be prepared to make a first payment of £250 at enrolment for HNC / HND or £260 for degree courses.  Please bring bank details to set up a standing order for the balance of your fees. Alternatively, you can pay the course fees in full without instalments by cash or debit / credit card.
  • Pay all outstanding fees by 28 February 2021.
  • If your employer has agreed to pay all or part of your fees, you need to provide confirmation from your employer. You may still need to make a payment and/or set up a standing order for the portion of your fees that your employer is not paying.

HN Advanced and Degree course fees table

Full time fees are set by the Scottish Funding Council.  Non EU and RUK fees are reviewed annually by the College and may be subject to change.  The fees stated on the website at the point of application will be honoured by the College.

Non-payment of fees

Failure to ensure full and correct payment of fees may result in you being asked to withdraw from the course and certification for your course may be withheld. You will still be liable to pay any outstanding fees.

Withdrawn students

If you withdraw from your course, you will be liable to pay some or all of your tuition fees. We will calculate how much you are due to pay, depending on your withdrawal date, and invoice you accordingly:

  • If you withdraw within five weeks - you will not be charged any fees
  • If you withdraw after five weeks - This will be calculated from day 1 of your course, until the last date of attendance.  Our Finance department will issue an invoice to you.

Please note: SAAS will not fund your course if you withdraw prior to the 1 December, and as such, you will become liable for your tuition fees as detailed above.


Requests for refunds should be submitted, in writing, to the relevant Head of Curriculum or Curriculum Assistant Principal, for consideration.

Replacement students cards

If you lose your student card, you can obtain a replacement for £3. Please go to our Finance department to make this payment, present your receipt to Student Enrolment and they will print you off a new card.

Contact us

For more information, please contact one of our Student Advice Centres on 0141 272 9000 or