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Accessing Student ICT

Accessing Student ICT

What if I can’t access a PC or laptop?

The College has made PCs available in the library of each campus.  If you need to access a PC you should visit the library and we will provide access.  There are limited number of PCs available due to COVID-19 restrictions so please only use this service is completely necessary.

Will I be loaned a laptop by the College?

The College has been given money by the Scottish Government to support digital inclusion.  The allocation of equipment will be for those students in most need and will be means tested based upon information including household income and access to benefits.  An application system is being developed and we will let students know as soon as the system is open for applications.  The fund is limited and there is no guarantee every eligible student will be loaned a laptop.

If I am loaned a laptop, do I keep it after my course finishes?

The laptop is College property and to receive the laptop you will sign an agreement stating you will return the laptop to the College or be responsible for its replacement.

What if I don’t have access to wi-fi?

Where possible, the College funding will consider possible wi-fi options but we will provide safe spaces for students to attend a campus and use College wi-fi.