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Transgender Day of Visibility

GCC Progressive Pride

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility.  This  is an international event dedicated to recognising the resilience and accomplishments of the transgender community. As a College, we celebrate and support the trans people amongst us and seek to raise awareness.

As a College we always strive to represent out College Values of being Principled and People-Centred by creating an inclusive and diverse environment in which everyone is supported to excel, and to realise their full potential. Therefore we are proud to publish and promote our new Guidance for Supporting Trans Students and Staff in our College community. 

Our Equality, HR & GCCSA teams have been working collaboratively with staff and students to create this digital resource available to everyone.  It is fully inclusive of, and extends its protection over, all non-binary and gender-fluid identities and will be a useful document for all staff members and students, be they trans or supportive allies.