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The British Sign Language (Scotland) Act was passed in 2015. The Scottish Government has stated that it wants to make Scotland the best place in the world for British Sign Language (BSL) users to live, work and visit. BSL users means deaf people who use BSL but also new users who are hearing who want to learn the language.

Scotland's first British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan, as required by the BSL (Scotland) Act 2015, was published in October 2017. It sets out Scotland's ambition to be the best place in the world for BSL users to live, work and visit and it includes 70 actions we will take by 2020 to help us make progress towards this goal.

British Sign Language Plan

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British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan 2017-2023

The next stage is for universities, colleges, local authorities and other public bodies to draw up their own BSL plans.
In order to do this, Glasgow Clyde College has set up a Working Group to develop our BSL Plan.
The working group commenced its work earlier this year and will produce a draft plan by the end of June 2018 and the full plan by the end of October 2018.

Meeting dates
Dates for the meetings are:

  • Friday 11th May
  • Thursday 24th May
  • Thursday 21st June
  • Friday 28th June

A Summary of our Remit, Aims and Objectives

To develop Glasgow Clyde College’s British Sign Language Plan, in line with the provisions of the British Sign Language (Scotland) Act 2015, the Equality Act 2010 and the Scottish National Plan 2017-2023.

Aims and objectives

  • To identify ways to demonstrate the college’s commitment to Deaf students & BSL users.
  • To gather and analyse appropriate data in relation to Deaf students & BSL users at Glasgow Clyde College.
  • To identify existing barriers to participation for Deaf students & BSL users in the student experience and the learner journey at Glasgow Clyde College.
  • To recommend ways of addressing identified issues and challenges for Deaf people who study, work and visit the college.
  • To recommend approaches to enhance the quality of our provision for Deaf people.
  • To identify any additional policy or guidance areas required to support Deaf students, staff and visitors.


Glasgow Clyde College's BSL Plan

British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan

Scottish Sensory Centre


Membership of the British Sign Language Working Group
The group is chaired by Nancy Birney, Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

BSL Working Group Membership

Nancy Birney                    Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Caroline Hutchison            Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Nicola Meredith                PR & Communications Officer
Sandra Boyle                     Lecturer
Sandra Miller                     Learning Inclusion Administrator (Langside)
Pamela O’Neill                   Learning Inclusion Coordinator (Anniesland)
Marcus Glover                   Communications Support Worker
Michael McCourt               Communication Support Worker
Niall Hardie                       ELearning Manager
Stuart Milligan                   National Deaf Children’s Society
Sallie Tomas                      Action on Hearing Loss
Jodie McNair                     Student Association Development Officer
Iman Mohamed                 Ali Student, BSL User
Hazel Kennedy                  Student Adviser
Kyle Bettley                      Senior Lecturer
Margaret Greenhorn         Nursery Manager

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