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Free course launches to help adults get more confident with maths

A group of male students taking notes at their desks

Glasgow Clyde College (GCC) has launched a new course to help adults improve their maths skills for everyday use.

According to The Scottish Government, around 56% of adults have poor numeracy skills - making up for nearly 2 million working age adults - but many jobs require a basic understanding of maths. 

In partnership with Multiply - which is funded by the UK Government - and Glasgow City Council, the drop-in course aims to boost confidence using numbers and sums amongst adults who don’t have a maths qualification and want to improve their skills. 

Ideal for those who struggle when using maths at work, want to get better at managing their money, or simply want to feel more confident helping their kids with their homework, the course is free and will run at GCC’s three campuses across the city. 

Covering various levels from beginner to advanced, courses are available to anyone who are over 19 and don’t have maths at National 5 or equivalent. More than 120 students are already enrolled in the course, with more expected to sign up. 

Claire Donaghey, Assistant Principal: Faculty of Arts and Continuing Education at GCC said: “Having a basic understanding of maths is so important, and having confidence when using numbers can have such a positive impact on our time, money and problem solving skills. 

“There can be a negative mindset around maths, with many people assuming that they just can’t do it. Like anything in life, practice makes perfect, and it's never too late to learn. Our new course, developed by Multiply, could really help adults improve a vital skill that could really help them in everyday life, and even result in big wins, like promotions at work.” 

Drop in sessions are available at GCC’s three campuses on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Find out more about the free maths courses here.