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Craftex 23

Craftex Bakery 1

This year saw the welcome return of the annual Trades House of Glasgow Craftex competition, which was being held for the first time since 2019. Craftex showcases the skills of students in Glasgow’s colleges and we’re delighted that hospitality student Abby Dyer was announced as the winner of one of the top awards, receiving the Deacon Convener's Design Prize for her stunning fairy-tale book made of bread. 

Our talented students won an amazing tally of 23 out of 43 categories, including art (2D and 3D), breadmaking, ceramics, fashion (including wedding gowns and tailoring), hairdressing, make-up, millinery, musical instrument making, nail art, open category, photography, textiles and weaving.

Congratulations to all staff involved and to the students who took part.

Take a look at some of our students' work here

List of winners:

Art -2 Dimensional – Advanced: Mary Donnelly

Art -2 Dimensional – Non Advanced: Niamh McSharry             

Art -3 Dimensional – Advanced: Peter Doyle

Art -3 Dimensional – Non Advanced: Christopher Veditozzi and Jonathan Welsh

Bread Making – Non Advanced: Abby Dyer

Ceramics/Pottery: Caroline McCaully

Fashion - Advanced: Drew Ross and Ruby Mitchell

Fashion – Non Advanced: Leila Kalaj

Hairdressing - Advanced: Suzanne Whelan

Make-up (Photo Submission): Asima Bibi

Nail Art – Advanced: Chloe Branney

Nail Art – Non Advanced: Claire Robson

Millinery – Advanced: Jolyne Colburn

Millinery – Non Advanced: Mary Lee

Musical  Instruments – Advanced: Ronnie Sweeny and Alan Dick

Musical Instruments – Non Advanced: Josh Cameron

Photography – Non Advanced: Aidan Hannah

Open (Books, Ornaments, Embroidery) – Advanced: Anne Juraschek

Open (Books, Ornaments, Embroidery) – Non Advanced: Eileen Maitland

Textile Design - Advanced: Gia Gunn

Textile Design – Non Advanced: Holly Brownless-bone

Weaving – Advanced: Lorna Samwells

Weaving – Non Advanced: Anna Forsyth

Image shows the winning fairytale book made of bread.