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A course of the future for your five year old

There is no better place to get future ready than at Glasgow Clyde College. And it's never too early to start.  

It’s predicted that 65% of today’s 5 year olds will work in job roles that don’t currently exist. Studies also show that children begin to make judgments about their career aspirations from as early as age 4, and can start to limit their ambition by the time they are seven, often remaining unchanged up to their late teens. 

Our expert teaching staff have predicted the types of job roles which will feature heavily in the labour market in 2035, developing a course which spans areas like artificial intelligence, pioneering computer programming, cryptocurrencies, augmented reality, robotics and drones.

With only 12 years to prepare, what better time to launch your 5 year old's career than the next step in their educational journey - getting them suitably equipped for the modern workplace.

To register your interest, please click the link below (please don't include children's details in your enquiry). We will supply advice for discussing career opportunities with your five year old.

You will unlock fun-filled advice and a game which will help you talk to your child about the changing world and the types of possibilities that future jobs can hold.

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Register your interest in the course of the future here