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Antenatal Educator and Course Facilitation

Start Date & time
6 Dec 2024 @ Online
Qualification Type
Other non-advanced qual
Course Type
12 weeks


The Birth Mentoring and Course Facilitation module introduces candidates to the foundations of facilitating antenatal education workshops/sessions. This can be completed as a stand-alone college unit or as part of the Glasgow Clyde College Antenatal Educators qualification.

What will I learn?

 Antenatal Educator and Course Facilitation 

Learning Outcomes for Birth Mentoring Communication Skills: 

  • Understand the principles of effective communication, including active listening, clarity, and empathy. 
  • Develop skills in non-verbal communication, including body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with different types of individuals, including peers, colleagues, and supervisors. 
  • Identify barriers to effective communication and develop strategies to overcome them. 
  • Practice effective communication in various contexts, including public speaking, group discussions, and written communication. 
  • Evaluate and reflect on personal communication skills and identify areas for improvement. 

Learning Outcomes for Teaching Skills: 

  • Understand the principles of effective teaching, including lesson planning. 
  • Demonstrate effective instructional strategies, including active learning.  
  • Reflect on personal teaching practice, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies for continued professional growth. 

Entry requirements (minimum)

This module is also suitable for individuals who have an interest in or would like to work as a maternity support assistant, childbirth educator, doula.  This module is suitable for candidates who have completed the HNC Healthcare Practice programme and wish to enhance their university application for midwifery.

Articulation Routes

 After completing the modules successfully, candidates can complete further units to obtain the full Glasgow Clyde College Childbirth Educators qualification.

Jobs and further study

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