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NC Social Science (Level 5)

Langside Campus
SCQF Level
Start Date
26 Aug 2024
Qualification Type
Course Type
1 Year (August to June)

This NC Social Science course is ideal if you wish to begin study in the social sciences. It provides an introduction to several social science subjects, and considers how society, past and present, impacts the individual and how people can impact their surroundings. A range of topics will be covered, these include conformity and where it comes from, discussions on how the media, family and education influence people and the steps and processes undertaken at a crime scene by various professionals. The course aims to develop an understanding of how different social scientists attempt to explain the world that surrounds us and offer a foundation level of knowledge and understanding in several social science disciplines.

What will I learn?

This NC Social Science course introduces you to the study of people and society and includes National 5 level units in English, and a selection of social sciences.

The range of subjects offered include the following:

  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Modern studies
  • Criminology

Please note that course content may vary slightly between campuses.

You will complete one full National 5 SQA external exam in a social sciences subject.

Entry requirements (minimum)

  • A minimum of four National 4 level qualifications, or equivalent, which should include English and three social subjects. These courses must include the ‘added value’ units. Examples of social subjects include: modern studies, geography, history, RMPS, media, people and society. 
  • You must be at least 16 years of age prior to the start date.
  • If English is not your first language, you must have an ESOL qualification at National 5, or equivalent. 

Entry requirements equivalency table

If you do not meet the entry criteria for your chosen course, you may be offered an alternative course in the same subject area.

Employer and industry links

This course primarily provides access to further study although will enhance employment prospects in a wide range of areas.

Jobs and further study

If you successfully complete this course, you may apply for progression to a variety of courses at Glasgow Clyde College, for example:

  • NC Social Sciences (Level 6)
  • Other SCQF Level 6 courses in vocational areas such as social care, early education and childcare
  • General Education (Highers) programme
  • Or find a job in social science

Take a look at the course progression map for social science courses.

Making an application

For courses starting in August, you can make up to two applications.

Applications are made to a course and a first choice of campus. If the course is oversubscribed at your first choice you will be automatically considered for alternative sites and may be made an offer without a further application.

I've applied — what happens next?

When you apply 

You will receive an automated email confirming that we have received your application (remember to check your SPAM folder). 

Your application will be reviewed by the admissions team and you will either be: 

  1. Made a direct offer (unconditional or conditional) 
  2. Invited to book an interview session - Selection for information session will depend on the quality of application form, so please ensure that your form is fully completed and detailed. The form should give information about your qualifications, interests and personal attributes, and if possible, give reasons why you are interested in studying the social sciences. If selected for the information session, you will be asked to complete a short written task. 
  3. Advised that your application is unsuccessful – you have not met the entry requirements for this course and are advised to contact the College Student Advice Centres to discuss alternative options which may be available to you. 
  4. We aim not to reject an application and if you don’t meet the entry requirements you may be referred to a different course or level.  

If you are invited to an information session, you will be informed of the outcome of your interview by email within 14 working days. The outcome will be one of the following: 

  1. Unconditional offer of a place – you have met all the entry requirements and your place is guaranteed. You will be required to accept this offer to secure your place. 
  2. Conditional offer of a place – your place is secured pending you meeting the entry requirements. This may mean achieving school or college qualifications which you may not be able to provide to us yet. You will be required to accept this offer to secure your conditional place. Once your conditions are met this will change to an unconditional offer of a place which you must accept before you can enrol on the course.   College staff will verify your qualifications. 
  3. Waiting list – you have met all entry requirements, and have been interviewed however, the course is now full so you have been placed on a waiting list. If any spaces become available you may be contacted, usually around the course start date. We would advise that you also consider other application options. 
  4. Reserve list – following your interview, you have unfortunately not been successful in this round of recruitment. We have placed your name on a Reserve list and your application may be reconsidered at a later date. This could happen any time up to the start date of the course but it is very possible that you will not be offered a place. We would advise that you also consider other application options. 
  5. Unsuccessful – your interview has been unsuccessful. You may be offered a place on a course at a different level, or advised to contact the College Student Advice Centres to discuss alternative options which may be available to you. 

Once an offer is received, you must reply within 14 working days or risk losing your place, as the system will automatically decline your offer after 14 days. 

Once you have accepted your offer, you will be sent out instructions about student funding, joining instructions and induction date.

More questions? Contact us about this course

0141 272 3748