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Wednesday 2nd November 2022

What will I learn?

This BPEC certificated course is a one day commercial training course which provides an industry specific certification for qualified plumbers and heating engineers who want to install Vented and Unvented Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems to comply with the appropriate Building Regulations and Standards. Assessments normally consist of a combination of practical and theory examinations.

The very comprehensive course starts with intensive training in the four modules, followed by the completion of three assessments including one practical. Candidates must successfully pass all assessments to gain the BPEC Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems certificate and competency card.

  • Vented and unvented systems and their operating principles
  • Design and installation
  • Maintenance
  • Compliance with other Building Regulations

This certification is a mandatory requirement to undertake renewables courses such as BPEC Solar Installation for Plumbers and Heating Engineers. With increasing targets to cut carbon emissions and the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) consumer demand for renewable energy sources is increasing. These courses certify  plumbers/heating engineers to install and maintain renewable heating sources. 


Cost £200

This is a part time commercial training course and does not meet the criteria for SAAS funding or Fee Waivers

If applications are open at time of booking delegates can apply for a Skills Development Scotland, Individual Training Account

Ex and current Armed Services Personnel may be eligible for Enhanced Learning Credits

If you are a company enquiring on behalf of an employee the company may be eligible for Flexible Workforce Development Funding (FWDF)

The College has a student funding department for further funding / financial advice and support while making enquires and for the duration of the training course - 

Entry requirements (minimum)

Candidates MUST have one of the following:

  • A formal qualification such as SVQ Level 3 heating or plumbing or;
  • Evidence of undertaking a course in heating engineering or plumbing which will lead to a formal qualification such as SVQ Level 3 heating or plumbing or;
  • Experience in either conventional heating engineering or plumbing (supporting evidence required); 

*Verification must be provided prior to booking and brought to the training for submission in the assessment pack. 

Jobs and further study

Successful candidates can register with a competent person scheme to self certify unvented hot water storage systems installations. If candidates choose not to join a Competent Persons scheme they will need to notify their local Building Control.

This certification is also a mandatory requirement for specialised courses such as BPEC Solar Installation for Plumbers and Heating Engineers

I've applied — what happens next?

To confirm booking: 

  1. Provide vertification of entry requirements (detailed above)
  2. Pay course fee (invoice available on request)
  3. Enrolment and Joining Instructions issued

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