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The Role of a Board Member

Overall Objectives

To support and provide strategic leadership and oversight to Glasgow Clyde College;

To agree the direction and aims of the College, maintaining a strong collective sense of delivery, accountability, and challenge in the investment of significant public funds;

To contribute to the Board’s duties, roles and responsibilities including those of an employer.

Key Duties

  • Strategic development: setting and agreeing the vision, purpose, outcomes, goals and performance measures for the College
  • Overseeing and actively contributing to the effective performance of the Board’s activities and ensuring achievement of its aims
  • Ensuring effectiveness and efficiency; that resources (financial, physical, staff) are used effectively and responsibly to support local priorities and strategic objectives
  • Ensuring sound financial management. Monitoring relevant budgets, expenditure and key financial targets whilst ensuring corrective action is taken
  • Ensuring appropriate systems are in place which manage and control risks, identifying at early stages and mitigating impact. Ensuring systems are reviewed periodically
  • Overseeing the human resource performance, policies and key practices affecting staff and stakeholders; ensuring the positive student experience with particular view to equality and inclusion issues
  • Developing stakeholder relations as appropriate and maintaining these; ensuring the College practices promote excellent relations.


Business of the Board

  • Preparing for and attending five full Board meetings per year 
  • Contributing to Board decisions
  • Working with other Board members openly in a supportive and constructive manner
  • Chairing or participating in at least one Board committee
  • Attending occasional key college or external events

A Board member is expected to promote the highest standards of governance, propriety and conduct in the business of the College and Board of Management and to observe the Code of Conduct for Board Members.

The Board is accountable for a programme of further education which meet the needs of the region and makes best use of available funding, consistent with national strategy and in agreement with the Glasgow Colleges' Regional Board. The Board approves the statement of accounts for each financial year and annual College reviews.


Information, Training and Induction

Once appointed a Board member will have access to detailed information and will be provided with training and induction to help them perform the role.


Time Commitment 

The Board usually meets at least five times each year and holds one full day development event. Committees meet either three or four times each year. Meetings are held both remotely and on campus.

In addition, attendance at key College events or additional training and development opportunities is expected whenever appropriate and possible. 


Length of Appointment

Appointments are approved at GCRB level and can be for a period of up to four years. This would be confirmed at the time of appointment. Appointments can then be renewed for a further period subject to performance and approval.


There is no remuneration attached to this post. Expenses, including reasonable travel and subsistence, can be met where these are wholly incurred in the carrying out of duties.