Industrial Action Message

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Person Specification

Skills and Experience

  • Significant relevant experience of strategic leadership in the public, private or third sectors (Desirable)
  • Relevant knowledge of strategic development in the public, private or third sectors (Essential)
  • Ability to analyse complex material and to reach sound conclusions based on this analysis (Essential)
  • Ability to contribute to the work of the Board with experience in Governance and Financial Management *(Essential for the F&R Committee role) (Desirable *)
  • Ability to operate effectively and imaginatively in a strategic function (Essential)
  • A clear understanding and interest in Education (Essential)
  • An understanding of the current challenges and opportunities in the College sector (Desirable)
  • An understanding of corporate governance in the public or private sectors or of governance within a Board of Trustees in the third sector (Desirable)

Personal Qualities and Competencies

  • Highly developed communication, liaison, relationship-building and networking skills (Essential)
  • Competent in the use of Information and Communication technology (Essential)
  • Ability to lead, inspire and motivate others and willingness to Chair meetings (Essential)
  • Ability to effectively guide executive managers in accordance with good governance practice *(Essential for the F&R Committe role) (Desirable *)
  • Commitment to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion (Essential)
  • An understanding of and commitment to the nine principles of public life (duty & public service / selflessness / integrity / objectivity / accountability & stewardship / openness / honesty / leadership / respect) (Essential)

Qualifications and Training 

  • Relevant degree, vocational qualification and / or professional qualification or equivalent employment experience (Essential)
  • Membership of one or more relevant professional bodies (Desirable)
  • Evidence of continuous professional development (Desirable)

This person specification will form the basis of assessment criteria for applicants to Board membership. The role of a non-executive member is a public service role, and you will be expected to uphold the highest ethical standards and act always in the best interests of the college and its students. 

Glasgow Colleges Regional Board will shortly be recruiting for a Chair for the Board. If you consider you have the skills and experience to lead the College’s Board of Management please keep an eye on the recruitment page please keep an eye on the recruitment page on the GCRB website.