Writing Effective Business Reports and Plans

Producing meaningful business plans and documents is an essential skill. The Writing Effective Business reports and plans course at Glasgow Clyde College has been designed to improve your business writing and covers preparing operational and strategic plans, formal reports,research and evaluation documents.

Value of Business Plans

One of the main mistakes people make with their business is failing to create an effective and well researched business plan. A plan can help steer the business through the initial growth phase, and can thus help to take the business to the next level. It can help improve focus and productivity, preventing the inevitable loss of direction many businesses experience after the initial phase.

Improving Reports

Improving the quality of your reports can drastically improve communication in your business. Presenting information in the right way aids comprehension and understanding of the data, which improves overall communication throughout the business.

Our course can help you write an effective business plan and can elevate the standard of the reporting and research your company produces.

Course content

  • the skills required for selecting and organising complex information
  • how to structure a formal report
  • analytical and evaluation skills
  • formal written expression.

After the course, online support is available for three weeks.

This course is open to commercial bookings and groups.

This course may be eligible for SDS Flexible Training Opportunities funding.


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