TPCP1A Testing and Purging of Pipework <1m3

This course will assess your competence in gas safety, through practical knowledge and an assessment, for the testing and direct purging of pipework (or sections of pipework) downstream of a primary meter control valve having:

  • a volume of not exceeding 1 cubic metre including any meter and any allowance for fittings
  • an operating pressure not exceeding 21 mbar (nominal) at the outlet of the primary meter regulator
  • a diameter not exceeding 150mm
  • the operating pressure at the inlet of the primary meter regulator does not exceed 75 mbar.

Please note: this assessment will not assess testing for soundness and direct purging outside the range listed above. For this, it may be preferable to take the TPCP1 assessment.

Course content

  • strength test calculations
  • tightness test calculations new installation
  • tightness test calculations existing installation
  • purge calculations
  • strength test
  • tightness test new installation
  • direct purge to fuel gas form air - commission
  • appliance connection tests
  • tightness test existing installation
  • direct purge to air from fuel gas - decommission
  • underpinning knowledge questions
  • new Installations
  • existing installations
  • purging.

Before taking the assessment you must hold a certificate of competence in the following:

  • Commercial Core Gas Safety Assessment - COCN1
  • COCN1 - Core Commercial Gas Safety
  • CODC1 - Change over Core Gas Safety Domestic to Commercial
  • TPCP1 - Testing & Purging Pipework over 6" (150mm)
  • ICPN1 - Installation of Pipework in excess of 35mm
  • CORT1 - Overhead Radiant Tube Heaters
  • CDGA1 - Direct Fired Commercial Appliances
  • CIGA1 - Indirect Fired Commercial Appliances.


Training (1 day): £60
Assessment (1 day): £150
Training and Assessment: £210
Additional costs: course book: £50, registration fee: £45
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