Junior Musicianship

This course will focus on the basic concepts of music: beat, rhythm and pitch. It will develop your child’s knowledge of these concepts through the use of percussion instruments, singing games and other fun music resources. We will also begin to develop your child’s ability to sight-sing (the ability to read and sing music at first sight).

The course will be structured and progressive, whilst also being fun.

These classes follow the principles of Kodaly and aim to increase musicality and overall musicianship, making your child more confident and musical when they begin to learn an instrument. Children will explore different musical concepts such as melody, dynamics, tempo, character, expression and mood by listening to a variety of musical genres. They will also gain some basic instrumental tuition on the Ukulele.

Each week the course will be structured as follows:

  • Kodaly musicianship skills – games and activities exploring beat, rhythm and pitch
  • Listening activity
  • Ukulele tuition

In addition to the musical benefits gained, this course is also designed to have a positive impact on confidence, Maths, Language and Social skills.

Course content

  • Learning Objective 1 Your child will be able to keep a steady beat and recognise and clap out simple rhythms. They will understand pitch as high/low and learn the 5 pitches of the Pentatonic scale through Kodaly Musicianship training.
  • Learning Objective 2 Your child will develop their music skills by learning how to play a variety of tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments. They will also learn to play three basic chords on the ukulele.
  • Learning Objective 3 Your child will become a more confident individual and develop a love for music, through being introduced to a variety of musical genres. 

Progression routes

Theory & Musicianship course

Start date

22 April 2017
(Saturday 11:15 - 12:45)


8 Week(s)



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