Third Party Reporting

Glasgow Clyde College has become a Third Party Reporting Centre for Hate Crimes after a group of staff recently undertook training with Police Scotland.

The third party reporting initiative allows, staff, students and members of the public to come into the College (any campus) and report a hate crime or hate incident.

Police Scotland website states -
“In some cases victims/witnesses of Hate Crime do not feel comfortable reporting the matter directly to the Police and may be more comfortable reporting it to someone they are familiar with. 
To ensure all victims/witnesses are able to report Hate Crimes, Police Scotland works in partnership with a wide variety of partners who perform the role of 3rd Party Reporting Centres. Staff within 3rd Party Reporting Centres have been trained to assist a victim or witness in submitting a report to the police and can make such a report on the victim/witnesses behalf.”

For more information, visit Police Scotland's website.

The College’s details will be added to the Police Scotland list of reporting centres within the next few weeks. Information leaflets have been ordered as well as Third Party Reporting Logo stickers which will be put up on the main entrances across the three campuses.

The staff (based across all campuses) who received the training and are able to help regarding any aspect of this are listed below:
  • Caroline Hutchison -  Equality & Diversity Officer 
  • Louise Reilly - Student Advisor 
  • Angela Clocherty - GCCSA Vice President 


Scottish Charity No. SC021182

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