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This challenging 30 week course is aimed primarily at individuals who have an aspiration to pursue a medical or sports therapy related course and is designed to provide a good working knowledge of human anatomy in preparation for University study. The Unit provides underpinning knowledge for the more technical units. This includes competences and scope of practice as specified by the Society of Sports Therapists. On completion of the Unit you should be able to: perform applied and surface anatomy procedures on a human body, describe the structure and function of bone, explain the relationship between joint structures and movement, describe the structure and function of skeletal muscle and describe major muscles by position, origin, insertion and action.

Qualification Breakdown

Applied Anatomy SCQF Level 7:

  • Location of bones and superficial, palpable bony points
  • Location of superficial muscles/tendons
  • Location and demonstrate contractions of superficial muscles

There are no UCAS points attached to this course

Assessment of the course will involve ‘pressed surface’ observation of anatomical structure (palpation), an open-book extended response report and a closed-book restricted response.

Please note as part of the delivery of the course, students should be made aware that there will be ‘hands-on’ approach to learning anatomical structures with a requirement for surface contact with other students (i.e. upper limb anatomy will require exposure of the upper arms).

Entry requirements

  • 2 Highers. One must include Higher Human Biology OR you must be working towards Higher Human Biology whilst studying Applied Anatomy at college. A strong interest in pursuing a career in Medicine, Nursing or other Professions Allied to Health.
  • A strong interest in pursuing a career in Medicine, Nursing or other Professions Allied to Health.

Attendance Pattern

Tuesday evening 16.30 to 18.30

Progression Pathways

You might go on to do:

Combined with some higher qualifications, this unit may help to enhance your application to university and to prepare you for first year university studies in Anatomy, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Sports Science, Veterinary Science etc.