Safe Return to Campus

Can I car share with fellow staff? *NEW*

The Scottish Government has advised that students from different households should not car share for travel to and from campuses and should not travel together in cars during breaks or lunchtime.

When are the campuses re-opening?

Home working remains the default position. There is a gradual build up to the re-opening of the campuses for certain activities in order to ensure that the site is safe and covid secure.

How will I know what to expect when I return to campus?

Guidance on the practical aspects of returning to campus is attached here  Covid 19 Staff Guidance

How are decisions being made about the re-opening of the campuses?

We are following all relevant Government Guidance including from Health Protection authorities and sector specific guidance.  As previously advised, there is a Re-Opening Project Board chaired by the Principal which meets on a weekly basis to review the work by the various work streams. Qs and As are generated following these discussions.

When will I see my Department’s operational plan and risk assessment?

Your Manager will have prepared a plan for your area so please discuss this with them.

Where can I find out more about what is being done to re-open the College buildings or if necessary continue to work at home?

Follow this link for more information on the work that’s going on to ensure our staff and students can continue to work and learn in a safe environment.

When can I gain access to the campuses?

All College Managers have undertaken risk assessments for their offices and teaching spaces in order to make sure staff and students can return to work and study in a safe environment. In addition all Managers have completed a Staff Operating Plan and your line manager should have discussed this with you.

What are the remits of the Re-opening Working Groups?

The broad remit of each working group can be seen here Reopening working groups.

I would like the opportunity to influence any changes being made to my work area and working practices, how can I do this?

We have introduced a suggestion scheme call ‘Idea Box’ on the HIVE platform and we would encourage all staff to use this to share any ideas they have. These ideas will be shared with the relevant reopening working group for consideration. Additionally suggestions you have should be discussed with your line manager.

Will the nurseries at each campus be open?

The Nurseries on each campus were open for the start of the new term and are working to the guidance issued by the Scottish Government guidance issued on reopening early years learning and childcare services.

How long will these plans be in place?

The College continues to re-open the campuses in line with Scottish Government Guidance.