My college laptop needs an update, what should I do?

If the laptop has been delivered to your house during lockdown just allow it to update.  All other laptops collected from the College should update through the VPN when connected or if you are onsite for any reason. If you do not have the VPN installed we have instructions we can send to you. If you do not know what is meant by the VPN or are experiencing further issues with the updates please contact the service desk.

I have been working from home. How will I know whether or not I have to return to the campus?

All Managers have been asked to conduct risk assessments of their areas and to prepare operational plans which include arrangements for staff.  We continue to follow Government advice which is that members of staff should continue to work from home where it is possible to do so.  Please discuss your working arrangements with your Manager.

I have enjoyed working from home and would like to continue this longer term. Is this going to be permitted?

At the moment Scottish Governance Guidance is that staff should be working from home wherever possible. The position will be reviewed in line with Scottish Government Guidance.

I am finding it stressful working from home and managing family commitments. Where can I access support?

The College have in place an Employee Counselling service PAM ASSiST who are contactable by email on or telephone on: 0800 882 4102.  Additionally, HR staff are available for private and confidential conversations and if necessary can make referrals to Occupational Health.  

Staff also have access to TogetherAll a safe community to support staff mental health issues 24/7.

I am working at home and have started to feel the effects of not having suitable equipment.

All staff working from home are required to complete the Home Working Risk Assessment form sent out by Organisational Development.  Any issues should be identified on the form and discussed with your line manager.  If line managers are unable to assist with a remedy, they should upload the form to the Health and Safety Service Desk for assistance.

The guidance says that I should continue to work from home if I can, what if I want to be back on campus – and what if I don’t?

Where possible, curriculum delivery or support services that can be undertaken successfully on a remote working from home basis should continue to be done in this way.  This is because we want to limit the number of people on campus so that we can meet the social distancing guidance. 

It is recognised that not all curriculum delivery or support services can be carried out remotely, and that remote delivery will also not meet the needs of many students and staff.  Given this it is anticipated that most parts of the College will work on a mixed model, combining on-site working / activities with remote working.  We will need to work together to find the best balance we can between these and this will need us to be flexible and pragmatic about what can and can’t be done.

How do I find out about what my working arrangements/pattern will be?

Your Line Manager will be in contact with you to discuss your own situation.

I feel that I can work from home, why do I need agreement from my line manager?

It is anticipated that there will be a mix of off and on-site working.  Managers will need to balance the demands of this across the team to ensure that curriculum and services return on a phased basis in line with government guidance

I have been told I need to complete a Home Working Risk Assessment, why do I need to do this?

The College has responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of its staff, whether they are working from home or within the College.  The Home Working Risk Assessment is to ensure that any potential risks in respect of your home working are minimised.

I am a carer how will continuing homeworking affect me?

You should discuss your particular circumstances with your Manager who will be able to discuss options with you with support from HR.