Results 2019-2020

For students studying National 5 or Highers what does the Scottish Government announcement on the change to candidate awards mean?

The Government has directed SQA to change the previous approach to certification this year and instead award candidate results based solely on the estimates provided by the college. This means that all downgraded awards will be withdrawn and re-issued reverting to the estimates provided by college staff. The results of those learners who were awarded a higher grade during the process will also be maintained.

SQA will ensure that the college receives their confirmed results by Friday 21 August. They will also re-issue certificates as soon as possible and will inform UCAS and other admissions bodies of the new grades in the coming days. Any candidate who has a grade changed as a result of this will receive a new certificate. We will also be emailing all relevant students to confirm their grades. Further information can be found on the SQA site here.

Will the College be hosting a Graduation ceremony this year?

After much discussion we have decided to cancel this year’s Graduation ceremony.  We will instead host an online celebration with full details announced soon.  Those students who are eligible to graduate will also have the opportunity to attend next year’s official ceremony.

What if i didn't complete my course from 2019-20?

Some courses, particularly those with practical elements, were not able to be completed due to the closure of college buildings in March – and results for these outcomes were deferred. These are the elements which had to be delivered face to face or in the workplace. We are making plans to enable you to complete your course, based on government guidance as to when it’s safe to get you back on campus, and are devising timetables with the intention to schedule the outstanding work once teaching staff return from 10 August 2020.

You will receive more detailed information as these plans are confirmed over the summer but the intention is to get the outstanding work covered as soon as possible in August/September. How quickly we are able to do this will depend on the amount of work outstanding and the social distancing rules at that time.  If you have any specific questions please contact your Faculty or email