Information for students coming on campus

Students MUST NOT be on campus unless they have a specific reason to be on the premises (e.g. a timetabled class, an appointment with a staff member or using the Library, etc.). The continued health, safety and welfare of all staff, students and visitors is our highest priority. 

Preparations for 2020-2021

Please note the following important safety information:

  • Students MUST NOT be on campus unless they have a specific reason to be on the premises
  • Students should not attend College buildings if they are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms (e.g. a new persistent cough, loss of or change in sense of smell or taste, high temperature or shortness of breath) or have been advised by Test and Protect that they have come into contact with a symptomatic / infected person.
  • Should you begin to feel unwell while on campus, please leave the premises immediately and return home. Ring/email your Faculty office or Senior Lecturer to notify them about this development and contact NHS Inform to book a Covid-19 test. If a positive result is obtained for Covid-19, notify your Faculty office or Senior Lecturer immediately to enable the College to comply with its legal duties in support of the government’s Test and Protect Strategy.
  • One-way traffic flow systems have been introduced
  • Face coverings must be worn in all public areas and when using any lifts (e.g. corridors, hallways, Libraries and toilets).
  • Hand sanitiser stations should be used frequently, both on entering and exiting the building as well as during the time on campus. This is in addition to regular and thorough handwashing.
  • Increased cleaning regime for the toilet facilities is in place
  • Floor markings have been introduced to demarcate most corridors into 2-way traffic lanes
  • ‘Give way’ signs are in place, encouraging all users to ensure that effective social distance from others is always maintained.
  • In Anniesland and Cardonald campuses, stairwells have been designated for one-way use (e.g. UP Only or DOWN Only). In the event of an emergency evacuation, individuals should exit the building promptly by the nearest exit/stairs and when they arrive at the assembly points, they must stand socially distanced apart.
  • The use of lifts is restricted to one passenger only (or with their carer) on all campus, except in the Cardonald Main Tower lifts, which can accommodate two passengers at a time due to their larger size.
  • Water fountains may only be used to decant water into personal water bottles. All waterspouts have been decommissioned. Students must not drink directly from any water fountain.
  • Catering services are not available at this time. Students who are on campus all day are encouraged to bring their own packed lunches and may sit in the canteen areas to eat, ensuring social distance is maintained from others/other groups.
  • If any equipment must be shared this should be disinfected before and after use. Disinfectant sprays and wipes are provided for this.
  • All rooms have maximum occupancy levels. Please do not exceed these limits when on campus.
  • Gyms and shower rooms are not open for use at the present time.
  • Students congregating in hallways, toilet lobbies and such areas is strongly discouraged.
  • Please return home as soon as possible after your on-campus learning is finished.
  • Students should clear their desks/work area of any refuse as they leave the classroom/workshop.