What if I'm travelling to or from another country? *NEW*

Students must comply with guidance for residents or visitors travelling to the UK. Those travelling from a country not exempt from quarantine requirements must complete a passenger locator form and self-isolate for 14 days. Students and staff who are travelling to and from Scotland should check the Scottish Government website for the latest advice. Institutions and providers must make clear to staff and students, ahead of and on their arrival in Scotland, that this is a legal requirement and it is essential they comply.

I am living in term-time accommodation but want to go home for Christmas? *NEW*

The move to Level 4 restrictions means that students should remain in your term-time accommodation until the end of the restrictions.  The Scottish Government is providing specific advice for all students who study away from home and may wish to travel home for Christmas.  The College will contact all students of whom we have a record of living in term-time accommodation to provide the most up-to-date information, advice and support regarding safe travel to your home address. 

How do I safely use a face covering?

  • face coverings should not be shared with others
  • before putting on or removing the face covering, hands should be cleaned by washing with soap and water or hand sanitiser
  • make sure the face covering is the right size to cover the nose, mouth and chin
  • when temporarily storing a face covering (e.g. during classes), it should be placed in a washable, sealed bag or container. Avoid placing it on surfaces, due to the possibility of contamination
  • re-usable face coverings should be washed after each day of use at 60 degrees centigrade or in boiling water
  • disposable face coverings must be disposed of safely and hygienically. You should be encouraged to place face coverings in the general waste bin.

I’m anxious about what the College experience will be like. What support and help can I get? *NEW*

We understand that coming to College is a big step for some students and learning under the new Level 4 restrictions restrictions may change your experience.

Our lecturers will help you adapt to the blended approach and our Learning Inclusion team can help provide additional support where required.  We also have a Mental Health Helpline for all our students, access to counselling services, web resources and an online mental health support platform through Togetherall (previously Big White Wall) which can all provide support and advice should you be struggling with mental health whilst at College.

Can I bring my own stationery in to college?

Courses will be delivered on a blended basis so you will study much of your course online and some practical elements may be delivered in College.  If you are asked to attend College, you will need to use your own stationery and will not be able to share stationery with fellow students under current COVID-19 guidance. The Faculty will let you know what you need to bring with you. 

Will Schools programmes be affected by the move to Level 4 restrictions?*NEW*

The College is working with local schools to identify how best we continue our school partnership programmes.   Parents and school pupils should contact their school directly for information.

Will work placements be possible under Level 4 restrictions?*NEW*

We are looking at how we can continue to give students the chance to gain work experience where that is part of their course and level 4 restrictions provide some exemption for work placement elements of your course. We will work closely with our awarding bodies and placement providers to agree when and how students can safely go out onto work placement in line with the appropriate guidance.  Details will be provided by your course leader where appropriate.

What will happen if I do not attend my online classes?

All students who enrol on a course will be expected to engage with the online classes and study.  Staff across the College will support students as we deliver learning in a different way and we will monitor student engagement to ensure you are able to keep up with learning activities and maintain any funding you may receive.  If you encounter any difficulties you should contact your course lecturers or student services to discuss the support you need to engage with the course.

Will it be safe to travel to College, if required?

The majority of learning will be on an online basis but travel arrangements for those who will be required to attend campus are part of the plans we are making. With social distancing measures in place, there will be reduced capacity on public transport and we are closely monitoring government guidelines.

How long will Level 4 restrictions be in place? *NEW*

We are constantly monitoring events and advice but the Scottish Government has moved Glasgow into Level 4 from Friday 20 November at 6pm until Friday 11th December.  This position will be regularly reviewed and we will provide any updates through our social media and the College website as per Government and public health advice.

Will I be tested for Covid-19 before coming into any of the College buildings or facilities? *NEW*

Glasgow Clyde is following Scottish Government guidance on arrangements for Test and Protect. This guidance does not currently require routine College-based testing as part of our activities, but if this guidance changes then testing will be put in place as needed.

What if I am shielding?

Current guidance confirms those groups that should follow the shielding requirements. This will also be supplemented for those that are required to self-isolate under the Test and Protect strategy. The College is fully supporting this guidance and will expect that any student who meets the official criteria will follow the shielding / isolation guidance – including not coming onto campus or accessing college buildings.

I’m a carer how will online learning affect me?

All students will largely be learning on an online basis and it is important all students consider access to a PC or laptop and have an internet connection.  Those with caring responsibilities may find the online delivery supportive of their caring responsibilities.  If you have any questions please contact our Student Advice team on

Will the nurseries at each campus be open? *NEW*

The Nurseries on each campus are open and will be working to the guidance issued by the Scottish Government guidance issued on reopening early years learning and childcare services.

What student support is available? *NEW*

Student support services are in place for the new session but are operating on an online and telephone basis.  This will include our Student Association - GCCSA, Student Funding, Student Advice and Information, Learning Inclusion, Libraries and Counselling.

What about part-time or leisure courses? *NEW*

Level 4 restrictions may impact upon the current course delivery of part-time or leisure courses but any current learners on these programmes will be contacted by the College to provide the latest update.

What are the term dates for 2020-21?

You can find the term dates for 2020-2021 here.

How can I keep up to date?

The College will provide student messages every Friday and these will be available on the College website and via social media channels.  Our Student Association, GCCSA will also keep students informed and will be updating social media.

Where can I find your health and safety policy statement on Covid-19?

You can find our health and safety policy statement on Covid-19 here.