With the move to Level 4 should I still attend on campus? *NEW*

Glasgow will move to Level 4 of the Scottish Government’s local protection levels from 6pm on Friday 20th November.  This is scheduled to last for 3 weeks and means non-essential shops, pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, salons, barbers, gyms and leisure centres will close.  Schools, Colleges and Universities will remain open.

Learning and teaching will be online with an exception for the delivery of critical and time-sensitive learning, assessments and work placements that cannot be delivered remotely or postponed.  Your course leader will be in touch with you directly to let you know any changes

What should I do if I'm living in term-time accommodation? *NEW*

The Scottish Government advise that if you are studying away from home and are required to attend College for lessons, you should remain in your term-time accommodation and not visit family at home. This is to minimise the risk of spreading the virus to your family members. 

With the move to level 4, you cannot travel out of the Glasgow region until after current restrictions are lifted.  Each student who is living in term-time accommodation and who might wish to travel home for Christmas will be contacted directly by the College to provide the most up-to-date advice being issued by the Scottish Government.  You have been asked to voluntarily reduce your social contact for the last 2 weeks of term prior to any travel to your home address at the end of term.

Please also read this guidance from the Scottish Government for students.

Where do I wear a face covering? *NEW*

You should wear a face covering in all public areas including corridors, lifts, canteens, toilets, libraries and any communal areas as well as during any lessons which take place indoors unless you are exempt from wearing one under Scottish Government advice. If you are exempt it would be useful if you could contact your doctor who may be able to provide you with a lanyard that makes you identifiable as being exempt. 

If you do not comply with COVID safety guidance whilst in college we will have no option but to ask you to leave the campus

Please ensure that you dispose of used face coverings appropriately in a bin, both on and off campus.

What if I forget my face covering? *NEW*

If you forget your face covering, there are vending machines that will allow you to purchase a reusable face covering. If you do not wear a face covering you will be asked to leave the campus unless you are exempt under health grounds.

How do I safely use a face covering?

  • face coverings should not be shared with others
  • before putting on or removing the face covering, hands should be cleaned by washing with soap and water or hand sanitiser
  • make sure the face covering is the right size to cover the nose, mouth and chin
  • when temporarily storing a face covering (e.g. during classes), it should be placed in a washable, sealed bag or container. Avoid placing it on surfaces, due to the possibility of contamination
  • re-usable face coverings should be washed after each day of use at 60 degrees centigrade or in boiling water
  • disposable face coverings must be disposed of safely and hygienically. You are encouraged to place your face coverings in the general waste bin.

Are National 5 exams cancelled?

National 5s - there will be no exams or external assessment by coursework this year – certification will be based on lecturer judgement supported by internal assessment resources.

Highers are now planned to start on Thursday 13 May 2021 with Results Day on Tuesday 10 August 2021. The full exam timetable will be published at the end of October. 

Further info can be found at the SQA link:

Is there an update on Student Cards?

Digital Student Cards are now available. Find out how to download yours here

Can I use the Library? *NEW*

Our main aims are to provide access to ICT for those who don’t have access at home, or for those who have come into college for other reasons such as classes or nursery drop-off plus some study spaces for those with their own laptop or other types of study.

The move to level 4 restrictions mean that students cannot just turn up at a College library.  If you wish to use library services you should contact the library to pre-book a place via Canvas.

The Libraries at Anniesland and Cardonald are open 9am – 4pm.

Langside is currently open 10am - 3pm. 

We have a reduced number of PCs at each campus to enable safe social distancing to be maintained: 

  • 21 at Anniesland
  • 42 at Cardonald
  • 14 at Langside

In terms of our normal library services we are operating Click and Collect for books.  Users can order online by placing a hold on the catalogue, phoning or emailing, and then come in to quickly pick up the books with minimal staff contact and time in the library.

All of our online resources are available as usual including thousands of eBook titles and both general and subject specific databases. Please get in touch if we don’t have the eBook titles you need.


Anniesland: T: 0141 357 6106 or Email:

Cardonald: T: 0141 272 3369 or Email: 

Langside: T: 0141 272 3679 or Email:

How do I register with a GP?

If you need to register with a GP you can do so by completing the form here. From there contact a GP practice and ask for their email address to send in your electronically completed form. ID is not a requirement but helps with registration and likewise could be emailed.

Being registered with a local GP is key to accessing healthcare support particularly if you are feeling unwell and feel you need to be seen. The website provides details of local GPs; if you have problems finding a GP please call 01382 425664 and they will inform you the practices you could register with.

How do I travel safely if I have to travel to campus?

The Scottish Government have provided guidance on transport, advice on how to travel safely.  Wherever possible you should use active travel such as cycling or walking.

Can I car share with fellow students?

The Scottish Government has advised that students from different households should not car share for travel to and from campuses and should not travel together in cars during breaks or lunchtime.

What if I'm anxious about my college experience?

If you are anxious about coming to College please contact the course team to discuss what your learning may look like.  The College also has a range of support:

  • Learning Inclusion
  • Mental Health Helpline
  • Counselling
  • Togetherall
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing course and resources on Canvas

Will I be attending the campus? *NEW*

The move to Level 4 restrictions means most learning and teaching will be online with an exception for the delivery of critical and time-sensitive learning, assessments and work placements that cannot be delivered remotely or postponed.  Your course leader will be in touch with you directly to let you know any changes

How can I get access to Student Funding? *NEW*

Information on the types of funding available can be found in the Student Funding section of the website. If you are experiencing hardship a fund is open for application.  Contact the Student Funding team for more details.  There are also YouTube videos that can help you to get access to the online form and to demonstrate how to upload necessary documents.

Student Funding staff are not on campus but can be contacted by emailing or by calling 0141 272 3674.

What do I do if there’s something I’m not sure about?

Just call the College on 0141 272 9000 or email us at and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Student ICT

What do I do if I have an ICT issue?

If you're having difficulties accessing ICT or experiencing any other ICT related issues, we have a dedicated Student ICT Support portal which has many resources to help you. Visit the Student ICT Support Portal.

What if I can't access a PC or laptop? *NEW*

The College has made PCs available in the library of each campus.  If you need to access a PC you should visit the library and we will provide access.  The move to level 4 restrictions mean that students cannot just turn up at a College library.  If you wish to use library services you should contact the library to pre-book a place via Canvas.

Will I be loaned a laptop by the College?

The College has been given money by the Scottish Government to support digital inclusion.  The allocation of equipment will be for those students in most need and will be means tested based upon information including household income and access to benefits.  An application system is being developed and we will let students know as soon as the system is open for applications.  The fund is limited and there is no guarantee every eligible student will be loaned a laptop.

If I am loaned a laptop, do I keep it after my course finishes?

The laptop is College property and to receive the laptop you will sign an agreement stating you will return the laptop to the College or be responsible for its replacement.

What if I don’t have access to wi-fi?

Where possible, the College funding will consider possible wi-fi options but we will provide safe spaces for students to attend a campus and use College wi-fi.

How do I access ICT and Canvas?

  • Set up your student account by logging in to Office 365 using your Student ID
  • Sign in with your student email e.g.
  • Your password is your DOB e.g. 02-aug-2001
  • Change your password to a new secure one
  • Sign In to Office 365 using your new password
  • Set up your password reset details
  • Now your account is set up, log in to Canvas 
  • Sign with your student number e.g. 20179811 and the NEW password that you created.

    Congratulations! You’re done and ready to go.

Please read the Student Guide to ICT

Will I need access to ICT?

All courses will involve online content.  If you do not have access to a laptop or PC please let your Faculty know.  We will be providing access to some college PCs as you start your studies and are working to access government funding which may make ICT available to those who are eligible and can demonstrate need.

How will classes be delivered online?

Courses will use a number of different methods including online lessons through Microsoft Teams or Zoom and a blended approach using our new VLE - Canvas.

I’m not sure how I access online lessons, the VLE and student emails?

The Induction Fortnight will provide information on these through courses and information sessions.  A Student Guide to ICT has been produced and this will show you how to log-in to College systems, using your student email and logging into the VLE.  If you’re not sure, please speak to your SL or lecturer. 

Please read the Student Guide to ICT

I’m not sure if I have a student email?

Every student who enrols has a student email and this will allow your lecturers to communicate with you and will give you access to a range of college systems.  It’s easy to remember and will be your student reference  If you're not sure, the ICT guide will show you.

Student Support

What services does the College offer?

Student Advice

We can give you advice about employability, careers, welfare, funding advice and information about College services.  We also provide support for Care Experienced learners and those with caring responsibilities.  Our services are being delivered online and you can call us on 0141 272 3636 or email for help.

Student Funding

We provide access to bursary funds for eligible students which may include FE bursary maintenance, childcare funds and hardship funds.  All applications are online but if you have any questions regarding funding you can call us on the following:

Anniesland Campus: 0141 357 6092
Cardonald Campus: 0141 272 0626
Langside Campus: 0141 272 3674; or email us at

Where can I get advice about my Bursary or Discretionary Fund application? *NEW*

Under current COVID restrictions, all Student Funding staff are working from home and there are no staff on our campuses.  If you need help please contact us:

Phone numbers
Anniesland Campus: 0141 357 6092
Cardonald Campus: 0141 272 0626
Langside Campus: 0141 272 3674


Learning Inclusion

We can provide specialist support for students who still face specific barriers to their learning despite the inclusive approach of the college.  We pride ourselves on being approachable and supportive, so please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Anniesland Campus
Tel: 0141 357 6005

Cardonald Campus
Tel: 0141 272 3377

Langside Campus
Tel: 0141 272 3656

Student Association

Glasgow Clyde College Student Association (GCCSA) represents the interests of all students and promotes student life, student issues and student success at the College.  Elected officers will work with you and the College to ensure that you enjoy the best possible student experience during your time at Glasgow Clyde.


Occasionally students may need to make a payment to the College for example to pay for their own course fees or to pay for course materials.  To make a payment please contact the finance department via email using or telephone 0141 272 3338.


We have a library on each campus that provides free access to a wide range of authoritative information sources.  We also have access to ICT and study spaces for those that require access.


Each campus is served by a Nursery with Treasure Trove at Anniesland and Cardonald Children’s Centre operated by the College while Langside campus is served by our partner, Little Scholars.  All nurseries provide the highest levels of education and childcare.

Health and Wellbeing

We take the health and wellbeing of our students very seriously and offer a number of opportunities to provide support:

Induction: there’s an online course to offer approaches and support for positive mental health

Mental Health Helpline: All enrolled students can access our helpline on  0141 272 3786 from 1pm – 4pm, Monday to Friday. The helpline is staffed by counsellors and all you need to do is provide your 8 digit Student Reference. 

Togetherall: Formerly called Big White Wall, this provides all students with an online platform with advice and support regarding positive mental health

Counselling: Students can book a counselling appointment through the College website and speak to a qualified counsellor.