William Hill, HND Electrical Engineering

William Hill graduated from Glasgow Clyde College in August 2018, having completed an HND in Electrical Engineering. William now works at Matthew Algie, the coffee specialists, refurbishing and rebuilding coffee machines.

William says: “It’s excellent, I spend my time in the workshop refurbishing and repairing coffee machines. They can be in bits and it’s a challenge to completely refurbish them and turn them back into a working piece of kit.”

William left school at 16 and wanted to pursue a career as an electrician, but after researching various colleges and courses in Glasgow, William applied to Glasgow Clyde College for a place on the HND Electrical Engineering course.

“I had heard good things about Glasgow Clyde College, and when I found out that they offered a course in electrical engineering it seemed like a perfect fit. First year was a lot of practical work, while second and third were much more focussed on the theory behind the skills.”

The time spent learning about all the different elements of electrical engineering has allowed William to settle into the job at Matthew Algie quickly, as he feels confident solving a variety of issues.

“It’s great to get in front of a bench with all the tools you need to rebuild a machine. It’s incredibly satisfying to take it apart and fix all of the working parts and seeing the end result, knowing it’s your work. The team don’t micromanage either, you’re left to self-manage your tasks and ensure you meet deadlines. It’s a lot of responsibility and I was a little bit overwhelmed at first, but I’ve settled in now and I enjoy the challenge.”

William joined the company as a grade two engineer straight from college but has already advanced to grade four – and hopes to reach grade five, the highest grade, before long.

“I was encouraged to apply for this job by my lecturer Kenneth Stevenson at the College, and I’m really glad I did. I’m putting all of the skills and theory I learned into practice, and I’m excited to see where this career takes me.”