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British Sign Language (BSL) Plan 2018 - 2024

BSL Action plan introduction from Jon Vincent

We are proud to present our British Sign Language Action Plan, we are grateful for all participation and welcome any comments or queries regarding the plan. You can contact us on if you have any comments or queries. 

1. Introduction

1.2 Glasgow Clyde College BSL contacts

Following the retirement of Nancy Birney our Lead BSL Officer is Caroline Hutchinson. if you have any queries please contact

2. Summary of GCC’s BSL Plan 2018-2024

3. Across all our services

GCC shares the long-term goal for all Scottish public services set out in the BSL National Plan, which are:

3.2 Post School Education

3.3 Family Support Early Learning and Childcare

3 4 School Education

3 5 Training, Work and Social Security

3 6 Health including social care Mental Health and Wellbeing

3 7 Transport

3 8 Culture and the Arts

3 9 Justice

3 10 Democracy

4 Looking Forward - What happens next?

BSL Glasgow Clyde College Plan: 2018-2024 - PDF format

BSL Glasgow Clyde College Plan: 2018-2024 - word format